So we focus on another home game last one of the year but this one is gonna be a lot different then any other final home game of the year for me much different then the last 29 ive been apart of.
This one will be THE VERY LAST ONE FOR THE GREAT STADIUM for me its gonna not be about a football game its gonna be a time to reflect on memories made both good and bad special times and laffs with freinds and family and a thought of ticat greats of the past.
I will have the chance to share it with my 7 nephews and some family but i cant help but wonder and hope how we as fans will react. part of me says theres gonna be ur drunk and disorderlys who rip seats etc but i hope not. I do hope the security and hamiltons finest loosen the chains a lil and let the respectfuls maybe linger a little longer maybe even sneak on to the feild for a final pic at centre.
I know shes gonna face the wrecking ball but please the old girl has respected us over the years lets let her go with dignity and respect.
Just wondering what others have in mind for the farewell .

Well said…Cheers!

Chris Schultz (TSN) who incidentally is predicting a HAM win and a TOR loss in the second last week of the season has penned a fond farewell to IWS:

By far the best article he's ever writen. I'm sure a lot of people feel as he does.

I am getting emotional just thinking about it! I started coming to the games in the late '70's with my Mom and Dad. Through the years, I got season tickets with my Mom and Dad, and then eventually with my husband and his father. I will be at the final game with my Mom, my husband and my 8 year old son. We will be saying our last Oskee Wee Wee at Ivor Wynne Stadium and I will be saying it for my Dad (who passed away in 2005) and my father-in-law (who passed away in 2010). I better bring lots of kleenex because I think I'm going to need it!

So what happens after the emotional "last game" the "closing" ceremony and then they beat Toronto and host a playoff game?
Do they go through the last game ceremony again?

It would be par for the course. Look at Winnipeg's send off last year :lol:

Ask the fans in Winnipeg. I am sure they could provide an answer considering their old stadium is still being used.

Of course, they need to beat Toronto by more than 8 points, as you likely know; but even with the two playoff wins
(which I find doubtful) they can still be eliminated depending on the results of other teams.

Their ship has pretty well sailed for this year.

this forum wasnt meant to talk about playoffs the team or the game for that matter it was for people to say what there thoughts are as the last game approaches theres maany other forums on here for pie in the skie talk

I like that the stadium is being built at the same site: kinda like a ghost rising from the grave, the "spirit"of IWS will live on at the same location.

I think I would like the ghost of Civic Stadium rising from the grave instead of Ivor Wynne Stadium.

i do to like the fact is being put same spot. In todays technology and age of archetecture its a wonder weve made do with the old girl this long lol i was looking at the heaters in the bath room last game and i wondered if it ever broke down would it be fixable or our they obsolete lol.
When saturday comes i hope whoever it is that gets the oppurtunity to walk out of that tunnel for the last time appreciates it. besides being a player u must be tired before the game even starts just from intros lol u go from lockerroom down the stairs under the concourse then up the stairs.
Awwww they just dont make them like that anymore

a line my dad use to say sums the old girl up best for me.
Its not the best theres just none any better

She's lived a long and fulfilling life.. its sad, but exciting at the same time, as she'll make way for something new and better.

Im 28, and my earliest memories are mostly of me and my dad sitting in a half empty stadium watching terrible teams in the early 90s lol.

Rain or shine, my dad didnt seem to mind when I wanted to stay until the end, even though we were losing by 20 and it pouring rain in october... now that im 'grown up' I realize what a good sport my dad was for my sake lol.

Obviously this decade, the team hasnt been much better, but at least it has turned into a fun place to go and watch a game.

Its just such a shame that the on field performance is overshadowing this occasion... When I think of the ticats right now, I think of the massive disappointment of a season, not Ivor Wynne's farewell.

Thanks ottawa for noticing this article, great read, not long but right to the point. :thup: