The End Game

It's safe to assume the TiCats will finish in third spot this season. Given current trends it seems likely the Als will finish first which means we'll travel to Staggerville for the EDSF. If you haven't noticed, they are 2-5 in their last seven with a banged up Buck and many injuries. Although not a betting man, I like our chances of getting to the EDF. Yes, we lost today, but we've smacked the Als good this year and last. I say we support our team and stay positive until the last whistle - whether we hoist that grey cup or not. What say ye?

I see no point in not supporting them! They can do it if they pull together. But its a long road! Go Cats!

Buck and the boys were banged up when they came to Hamilton and how did that turn out...It all hinges on Glenn...if he's on his game...sure ...we have a shot...if not...then its time to turn the lights out...the party will be over...

Not necessarily if MB is quick to determine that Glenn is in a funk and then pulls him in favour of Porter.

I am on board with this.
We played way better this week against a very good team and very poor officiating.
Our guys fought hard all game and played hard until the last whistle.
Maybe Terry Grant could have been a difference maker but was not to be.
I thought Porter had a good game and I feel way better now that I have seen what he can accomplish.
There were alot of positives today outside of the final score that can be carried into next week.

Count me in. But I'm sure you already knew that.

I don't see any reason why Hamilton can't beat Winnipeg in Winnipeg; they very nearly did it in August. And winning in Montreal at Olympic Stadium won't be easy, but I don't see why that can't happen either. I never lost faith in this team, and I have seen way too much football to ever count anyone out before they are actually out. All you have to do is get in the tournament; after that, anything can happen.

Yes, I too will cheer for the Tiger-Cats.

i just seen this 500 pound lady and she was singing.

How tall was she?

The Sunday game showed that we have an exciting team that came close to winning on the road. I thought Glenn looked sharp and if he had started and finished we would have won.
No we won't host a playoff game but I feel confident the team will knock off Winnipeg in the semi and maybe beat Montreal.

Is she a NI? How is she against the run, and can she pass-rush?

I always have and always will support the Ticats. It's the league I have a problem with right now. :wink: The only positive part of me right now is my blood type :lol:

Thank you for this one! :smiley:


Yes, she's a NI, and was already in Hamilton once.

OK that is friggin hilarious. I really really needed that laugh today. Thanks CK

The two teams split their four meetings this season, but Montreal won the season series by outscoring the Ticats by a single point, 117-116.
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Wow, is that close!

Now that the Ti-Cats are finally competitive with the Alouettes, they have to figure out a way to beat the Blue Bombers who have gone 2-5 in their last 7.

Hopefully Winnipeg and Montreal will beat up on each other next week when they meet to fight for first place.

It's quite possible the Tiger-Cats could be in the Grey Cup.

Shoulda brought the girly-man in this year when Obie had the chance... he can still clog up the middle against the run and get a good push upfield to break down the pocket. Obie's current DTs are somewhat flaccid in that area.

Wonder how much he played in the 50-7 loss in the final of the World Championship in which the U.S. ran for 257 yards against Canada.

If he did play that game, it sure looks like he sure wasn't clogging much.

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Here's what I don't get, and I'm not picking on you specifically, but your comment made me think of it:

I frequently hear and read comments about how the Cats need to develop players, but yet when they do that fans then question why the team didn't bring in a veteran. Look at the current quarterback situation. Many fans have said that Porter needs playing time because that's the only way he can learn and get better. Why bring in a guy like Belli and limit the playing time of someone like Eddie Steele? Will Steele not be a better player next year because of all the playing time he saw this season? Maybe Steele wasn't the disruptive force that Belli would have been, but Belli wasn't that disruptive force in his first season either.

I'm not directing this question specifically at you, seymour, it's just a general observation. It's strikes me as an odd dual standard that some fans have. We want the team to be good for the long haul, but also want them good now, and sometimes it seems that some fans would like to sacrifice the former for the latter.