The emergence of Bakari Grant

Great story of our young receivers in Montreal and their impact on the game.

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His second-quarter touchdown grab in double coverage when Kevin Glenn threw into the smallest of windows was textbook: Grant using his 6-foot-4 frame to create separation and finishing the sequence by showcasing hands any receiver of any vintage would appreciate.

At no time during the regular season was he able to post a 100-yard receiving game, which made Sunday’s performance in the East semifinal against Montreal all the more remarkable, which is saying a lot given how remarkable the game would become.

Just before regulation, it was a Grant reception that placed the Ticats in field goal range, only to be denied when lack of execution and lack of composure led to a time-count penalty and ultimately a missed Justin Medlock attempt that would force overtime.

In overtime, yet another Grant catch put the Ticats in the score zone, where they could capitalize on Quinton Porter’s second plunge on the afternoon.[/b]

All told, Grant would haul in a team-high seven receptions for 130 yards.

What a treat it is to see Bakari's great catches over and over on the sports channels, and they look great every time. :thup:

What was it that MB said in pre-season, that we had brought in a couple of players who were not only tall, but could catch? (No offence, Chris.) What he failed to mention was that they also had the ability to beat coverage.

Great game, Bakari. Looking forward to watching you make more great catches the next two Sundays.

Don't forget the ability to block as well.

I knew when I saw Bakari that he had the potential to be a great receiver. He has this ability to make the tough catches look easy.

I was extremely impressed by him as I was during the season in the sporadic play he had. You can see in his play that he has a very cool head and great control of that giant frame. Very fast for his size also.

Yes...but what has he done for us lately :wink:

Question is, all things considered, who would you rather have, Bruce or Grant?


Both. Bruce starting; Grant on PR. It's not ideal to go with so many rookies at one position.

It's not either or. I'd like to have both, and we had them both. But right now going into big games I'd take Bruce knowing Bakari is there if we need him.

i tend to agree.

That was quite a performance.

Williams, Grant and Thigpen are a formidable set of import receivers with MANY years ahead of them.

Throw in the Kell(e)y "brothers" and that can be an even more formidable crew.
Especially if they can find a way to increase the non-import content on defence or the o-line, which would allow them to start 4 of those import receivers.