The embarrassing Gliebermans - letter in Sunday's Citizen

I certainly don't mean to brag or anything, but here's hoping these comments, also printed in Sunday's (November 6) Citizen, will have some minor effect on how this ownership is running this team. These guys are embarrassing us on a regular basis (again!), and I'm not going to sit idly by.

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I have emailed this to those few contacts I have dealt with at the Renegades. Here's hoping something might get through.

Ok my friend believe everything Matt Sekears writes. Same guy that wrote Armstead had signed with Tampa Bay last year. All reporters hate sekeras because he gives them a bad name. If you follow Matt then you would follow anything. Wake up and smell the roses. You have questions phone the Gades dont believe Matt

Sorry, I'm not sure what that message means. I wrote this letter to the editor about a week ago and they decided to print it.

If you're not embarrassed by what Lonie and the gang have done, then you're not paying attention.

I for one agree that Joe Paopao had to go, but why do the 'Gades need to handle it in such an unprofessional way? What's the point of telling the guy to clear out his office the day after the season ends? Do you just want to embarrass him? And why leak a story about John Jenkins becoming the new head coach a week before the guy's last game? Shows absolutely no class.

I'm not sure what the Matt Sekeras reference has to do with anything. I don't live in Ottawa anymore and haven't read his stories with any regularity. This is based solely on my observations and feelings about what these guys are doing with my team.

I guess Moscow didn't follow the link you placed.

I agree with your email... Not a great way to treat an employee, even one you are firing.

But then again, everything Lonie has done so far has been controversial. I too wasn't around the last time around but I have paid for my 2006 tickets and feel pretty good about it at the time.

I now question this after reading today's Sun that they may take camp south of the border. Can you believe this... one more hit to the region

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I guess Lonie forgot that there was over 300 fans out for last years black/white game.

I'm giving him the full season and if it doesn't work, the SH1T will hit the fan and will land solely on Lonie as he will have no one to blame but his buddies.

I feel sorry for you fans having to put up with Loonie's crap. Yes, Paopao had to go, but management showd no class.

Sigh, look at the bright side, things can only get better...right?

yes, and they will

I think its only going to get worse. We'll see the transactions they make during the off-season player wise and then I'll be able to make a decision. If the Rens have a losing record again next year, attendance will decrease even more, resulting in what i think will be either a fold of the franchise, or a move.

This team is finished, no fans should support morons like the Gliebermens.

I'm very much afraid that the leopard just doen't change it's spots. The last time around the Gliebermans hired one of the best coaches in the CFL , Ron Smeltzer, and then dictated that he had to sign and play a guy like Dexter Manley. Ron lost half his staff when they quit due to interference from the Gliebermans. Much to Ron's credit he rode out the year until they fired him only to replace him with a college coach who's name excapes me. Sadly, the Gliebermans never paid Ron the balance of his contract which they still owe him. Very classy.
Happy to report however, that Ron Smeltzer is alive and well and living in Las Vegas where he is the head coach of the undefeated Cimarron Memorial Spartans.
Ron, you, like Joe Paopao, are a classy guy. Too bad your professional career had to be affected by people like the Gliebermans.

Did anyone see Loonie's interview on TSN Sport Centre last night. What a goof!

I really, really feel sorry for you Ottawa fans! You deserve better!

You are all off your rockers, first and foremost you fans that are not Renegades fans why are you in this forum, bored with your own team. Secondly, Joe was informed long ago about his not being renewed ask him he knew. Last of all last year Watters didnt hire a coach and you guys bitched it was too late now it is too early. Let's face it you Ottawa fans just like to bitch period. Show support to your team. I am betting half of you on here don't even own season tickets. 2 for 1 this year you cheap bastards get on boadr now or get off the forum. Support your Gades.

Bitch about Mardi Gras and then when attendance goes down because it was cancewlled bitch about attendance, what the fuck you babies want?

Time to take a valium, Moscow.....and, to respond to your first "point", last I looked there was no law against posting in another team's forum.

Wow Moscow.....I appreciate your passion but reality is reality. And no, I'm not a Renegades season ticket holder.....pretty hard from the left coast.....we are simply commenting on the perceived handling of the team by Lonie.,......take a pill.

Not sure if anyone who’s not a Gades fan remembers last June. Bernie and Lonie both said that 'THEY HAVE LEARNED FROM THEIR MISTAKES". The circus would not come to town this time around.

Well guess what! The clowns are rolling in

… I give them 1 year!

The Gliebermans have to go, and if that means the Gades have to go, then so be it.

This is embarrassing!

These idiots have no idea how to act professionally, no idea how to run a sports franchise, and no idea how to treat fellow human beings.

Frigg 'em!

Honestly, I'd be very pleased to see the team fold - and the sooner, the better.

The CFL has functioned with 8 teams before, and could do it again.

I used to have season tickets in Ottawa, but now, I wouldn't go to a game if you paid me!

The reason us "others" post here is that we are concerned for the health of the league. With out nine solid partners we have nothing to cheer for. I don't have Renegade season Tickets. I go to my share of BC Games and make a once a year visit to the prairees to watch a different team at a different venue. I love the league. I love the passion of the fans on this forum. (Even the Rider fans that get carried away too!) It's just that as an outsider, I just want whats best for Ottawa and the rest of the league!

I'll jump off my soap box now!

Hey... I respect what you are saying but this is the wrong message. Its time we support them more than ever.

I've been talking to alot of people who have never seen a game. Lonie's 2 for 1 special is attracting some first timers who may be interested in the entertainment value this circus holds.

I know that I have already paid for 2006. I've paid full price for my seats in hopes to get 2 extra for the kids (20+) if you can still call them kids.

I agree with a Halifax team but not at the expense of Ottawa... 10 teams in the league... Got to have it. Hope to see the Halifax Schooners soon!

Check this out... its needs another team in the east to balance it...


First and foremost I didnt say there was a law against it did I, learn to read. Second of all why not be on your teams forum. I am not on the Lions forum because I am a Gades fan, so if you come on the Gades forum respect the team and their fans.


you are from the west coast and you know what is going on in Ottawa, wow. That is good. Oh yeah the news papers, the same news papers that said Armstead signed with Tampa Bay Buccaneers... Keep beliving the papers and you willg row up to be just like Matt Sekeras, alone and lost in the world


I have to say I laugh at you people, what makes yout hink Jenkins cannot do the job, what has he done that says he cannot do it? The guy coach a no where Division 1 (which is higher than the CFL) to a championship. I mean what makes it wrong that he is the head coach, you guys just like to bitch. Lonie could have hired god and you would bitch.