The Elliott Experience

Has it run it's course? I haven't heard too much from the Elliott crowd lately. With Buck looking like he is out again, does Elliott get yet another chance?
I just keep thinking about how Brink has been given a raw deal here. His playing time was under much harder circumstances. I'll admit right now that Brink did not grab the job when he took his chance, but why does Elliott still get to prove himself, and Brink only got that couple games? At least Brink can throw TD's. If Brink can't claim it 2nd time around....shame on him and say goodbye - but at least give him the chance!

Too early, till you give a guy most or a full season you just don't know. One thing is for sure is this team needs too stop with the QB carousel at some point.

Yes, the carousel has to stop, and unfortunately that means we have to give up on Buck. He's the best QB on the roster but he can't stay on the field.

Brink had a chance to grab the reins last year when both Pierce and Elliott were out. I agree he came in at a bad time this year, but he's done the 9 for 34 thing more than once. But I think it's time to ride one or the other for a while and see if there's a Lulay mark 2 hiding in these Lulay mark 1 performances. Since my pennies will be worthless soon anyway, I'll put them on Elliott.

Mack is going to have a long shopping list in the off-season (assuming he still gets to do the shopping), but QB has to be on there. Signing these 3 for 2012 isn't turning out to be the glory moment it was billed as.

This is the quandry this team finds itself in. Because the Oline can't keep them upright the team can't even evaluate their QB's efficiently.

I think the "carousel" is going to pick up speed to close the year - not stop. The towel is close to being thrown in here, time soon to start evaluating depth. We will have to drop some dead weight to look for improvements for next year. Who at QB do we drop?

I think you are correct there LetsGoBlue.

I'd suggest telling Buck to stay home, give Elliot, Brink, and Goltz equal time from here to the end of the season, and then make your decision as to which of those to keep for next season or not. Sort of like an extended training camp.

I think they have a pretty good idea about Brink's abilities and growth curve. Elliot and Gotlz not as much.

I think I've been pretty vocal about my displeasure with Elliott. I think there's not much difference in quality between Elliott and Brink, aside from Brink having better mobility inside and out of the pocket. Despite not really understanding why they decided to bench Brink in favour of Elliott, I was fine with the decision to see what he's got. Since then he's been at the helm of 2 absolute drubbings and after each he's singled himself out for praise. After the 52-0 whipping in Regina he said, and I'm paraphrasing here but I could dig up the quotes if anyone wants, that he played ok, just that he didn't get enough offensive reps. After the Calgary game where the offense went no where with him at the helm he commented, and again I'm paraphrasing, that he didn't understand why he was benched because he was playing all right. Watching his demeanor on the field after the botched snap, though not his fault, and after the 3 picks he was basically stoic, no reaction either way. Watching his post Toronto game comments on the Wpg Free Press site, he blames the loss basically on a bad first half and deviating from the game plan in the 2nd half and passing too much. He doesn't stand up like a man and take responsibility for the 3 INTs he threw in the endzone that cost the team 21 points. I have to disagree with the previous poster, Elliotts displayed what he has more so than Brink at this point, he's had more starts and more relief appearances.

This team needs a leader at QB, that's why the players respond to Buck when he's on the field. I wouldn't accept a guy praising himself after 2 horrid losses in my locker room and I would imagine there are a few players that feel the same way about him. There are teams that have confidence when their backup enters the game. This team had 0 confidence when Elliott was in and it showed. He's been here 3 years, I cannot accept any excuse that he's just a young player for his attitude. Brink was pumped and enthusiastic when he bootlegged vs hamilton breaking the offensive TD drought. The games he started, win or lose, he took accountability and said he could be doing better. He may be equally or not as talented as Elliott depending on your point of view but I think he has more energy and more moxy to lead this team than Elliott. I bleed blue and gold and will be a fan for life but I honestly dread the prospect of watching Elliott finishing off the season as the starter. The only positive will be hopefully that Elliott will have played himself off the team.

I'm curious as to why you'd think that?

Wolverine, I agree with alot of what you wrote. I was a Brink man, but was fine with Elliott taking over to see what he can do. He’s had many more oppurtunities to prove himself, with a much healthier team - yet he still struggles to put up points.
I think Elliott gets the start in Montreal (which seems destined to be a big loss), if he can pull out a good game - we might be riding him. If not, I’d like to see Brink at home against Calgary. I’s also like to see Goltz get some action down the road as well.

....We'll find out if Elliott has the goods .....I ,along with wolverine, are in agreement that Joey did not aquit himself very well in his last outings. You would think that he would have laid it all on the line, given the opportunity...I don't think he did....There could be various being a porous o line that is weak and does not provide enough time to execute....orrrr his first start was an anomaly and hard to repeat.... I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and hope his next start shows the real Joe. If not, back to the well... :roll:

Because Brink has played more and for longer stretches that's all.

Brink got in some game time as the #3 option last year due to Elliott being hurt. He never had a "stretch" of playing time, but a game here/there when Buck wasn't 90% (Buck did play most games lastyear)
This year, Elliott has started more games, and has seen action at the ends of games much more than Brink.
Based on this year, I'd say they have a much better idea of Elliott's abilities than they do of Brink's.

Not so sure. Brink has thrown 380 passes to Elliot's 283. This year its pretty even Brink 180 Elliot 193. Interestingly they both have similar efficiency ratings Brink 71% Elliot 67% Last year Brink was 85. Elliot has a terrible TD to INT ratio of 4/10 Brink 10/11. Where do you go with that...Might as well flip a coin.

What are you not so sure about? Like I said in my post, Brink had playing time last year, but has never had a stretch like Elliott just had where he started 5 straight games. Brink started for 3 this year, one a very short week, with a depleated roster.

Uhm... what?

Brink has had 3 starts this year, going 1-2. He had a bad game in his first start vs Toronto after only 1 practice and a short turnaround from the Edmonton game the week before. He got benched for losing to Mtl after going 25/39, 311 yards, 2 TD and 0 INT. Brinks starts and results:
2012- vs Tor Loss 25-22
- vs Edm win 23-22
- vs Mtl Loss 36-26
2011 - vs Mtl Loss 32-26
Vs Calgary Loss 30-24
2010 - vs BC Win 47-35 (though Brink was ineffective and Jyles came in to lead them to a win)

Elliott has had 5 starts since taking over after the bye week and gone 1-4, including 2 of the worst losses of the season in Regina and Calgary. Elliott's starts and results:
2012 - vs Ham Win 32-25
- vs BC Loss 20-17
- vs Sask Loss 52-0
- vs Sask Loss 25-24
- vs Cal Loss 44-3
2010 - vs Edm Loss 16-13
- vs Cal Loss 35-32

By my count, unless I'm missing something, Elliott has already had 1 more start than Brink. Career stat wise Brink has had about 70 more pass attempts (360, not 380 according to stats for Brink versus 284 for Elliott). The stats are misleading because Elliott has had much more playing time. Statistically they are about even when it comes to completion percentage and passer rating. Brink is about even in the TD/INT ration, Elliott has thrown 2.5 times more INT than TDs career wise. Brink has had much more consistency running the offense in his 3 starts than Elliott in his 5. Yet Brink gets benched after a decent game but loss to MTL and Elliott got another 2 starts after his effort in the labour day laugh-er? I just don't understand how its possible to say they have a good book on Brink but not on Elliott when Elliott has gotten the better opportunity and longer leash this season to show what he's got. I would say that the book on Elliott is not really a question at this point but rather is trending or spiraling downwards. The book on Brink IMO is rather consistent if unspectacular.

I would have been fine with either getting the shot the rest of the way. BUT since Elliott comes across as a me guy instead of team guy every time he opens his mouth and Brink comes comes across as a team first guy and seems to have more energy and desire to gut it out on the field, I would much rather watch the team play out the rest of the season with Brink as the starter than Elliott.

Tough to argue that one Wolverine. Good analyses IMO.

After reading wolverine's impressive analysis (we may differ a tad on interpretation; I thought Brink was worse than "ineffective" in the Jyles comeback game against BC, and he's never had as strong an outing as Elliott's against Hamilton) I find it hard to choose between Elliott and Brink; they've both had their chances to take control and failed to do so, although there are also extenuating circumstances in both cases. I wonder whether now (as in ten days from from now, after a full week of first team reps) is time to give Goltz a few consecutive starts and see whether he can show anything.

...I wholeheartedly and vehemently disagree...Goltz in no way, shape or form should start until at least week 16...

How many times was our running back used in all those losses?

Use our RB like they do when buck is running the offense and i strongly believe any QB will have better numbers then what they put up now all of our wins even dating back to last year when our RB weather it'd be Garrett Simpson or heck even Ford we are either winning or in it until the end which is all the fans ask make it exciting.

Everyone gives the Oline flack and im glad simpson stood up for them because pass protecting all game would be hard these guys wanna hit too in all fairness, Simpson Tweeted something along the lines that he avgs 6 yards per attempt stats don't lie