The Elks are gettin Gittens

Every year there are always surprises in player moves and this was a surprise to me. I imagine MBT put in a request to Coach Jones to see if he could acquire Gittens. Ceresna is a good player and is making similar dollars so it has to be a case where both teams have depth at the positions affected and wanted to upgrade the positions they traded for. The Elks have a couple of young Canadians who can play the DL and the Argos have Canadian depth at WR. Not often we see a trade of a starting Canadian for an Import but Ceresna could well be eligible to count as a Naturalized Canadian for that 8th Non Import spot as he has 4 or 5 years in the Leaue now.


The Canadian depth at WR is really what made this possible. Nield really broke out last year.

And Ceresna is a stud, so I like getting him from that standpoint. This definitely means another D lineman is gone in free agency, though. My guess is that it will be Oakman.

Yes I think Oakman is as good as gone especially with Ceresna now obtained. Just Pickett left to re-sign and the Argo defense will once again be one of the top ones in the League. One thing the Argos have going for them IMO is they can remind their free agents they will have a very good chance of adding another $20,000 by winning the Grey Cup in 2024. Not something the weaker teams in the League can do. So I would think any team wanting to sign someone like Pickett, Ouelette or Hendrix are going to have be offering quite a bit more than the Argos do IMO.