The effect of losing Rust!

Has anyone thought the losing Rust may have a bigger impact on the defense. Losing a cordinator can upset the flow of the team big time and I think in this game it showed. I am a Stamps fan so I am not making excuses here but it sure looked like the problem.

When I heard that Mr. Rust was leaving I knew the Blue would take a dive in defensive production. Not so much because of Urban Bowman but in spite of him. Urban can do the job nicely, but we know from our playing days that the coordinator puts his own flow into the defence. The BBs will have to get used to this. They'll be fine.
From what I saw in the Hamilton game the loss of Dougie Brown on the line was more critical. The middle of the d-line became porous so Danny M had lots of time to throw. Give Danny time and look out!
There was poll last night about the biggest surprise this year. I would have voted for your Stamps but it wasn't in the options.

The bombers remind me of the Stamps of last year good team but just do not get many breaks. Defense is good but the offense needs to gel. The loss of Bronw is critical but depth is the name of the game. Could this be the weak part of the bomber team depth!. Again I am not a big fan of Taman. He let the bomber fans down by not bringing in players to fill holes in both offense and defense at least depth players. That is my opinion. I just hope for the bomber fans that this loss to the cats will not effect their drive in the next few games. Both teams played their game and the cats were due to win sooner or later. They have been in most games this year but got the short end of the stick at the end of the game. I think most the teams this year are very competitive and the ones in the slump are missing only a couple of pieces to the puzzle.
Take Care

Good luck for the rest of the year.

I do not agree with this statement. I think that the offense is gelling just fine, and is running on all cylinders. The BB's have one of the best offenses in the league since Glenn has returned. Our problem is the inconsistency of the defense, and I believe that the defense needs to gel; not the offense.

Watching the game on Friday, I could not understand why we did not run the blitz once on McMannus??? He had forever in the pocket to find open receivers, and when the secondary is off its game, that leads to alot of points against the defense.

We had to do something Stoddard, it was clear to see that our four man rush wasn't getting the job, and that was by the mid way point of the first quarter. I agree with you Stoddard our offense is fine, the defense is in need of repairs or replacements...

The problem is that the defense is the same at the start of the year and played well now the offense has picked it up and the defense is not doing well. This could be from losing Rust and a new DC in place is making changes to that defense and those changes are causing the problems.

You bet rednwhite, the boys were shaping up on D, some of our DB's had strong games this year, before the game the Bomber defenders were saying nothing changed since the departure of Rust. me thinks we will miss his on field adjustments...

Well, the stats dont lie, and believe it or not, only BC and Mtl have scored more points then us (PF), and when you consider that Glenn has missed almost 4 games, that is amazing. The defence on the other hand is pretty much dead last in most categories, and only Hamilton has given up more PA then us. The bottom line is the defensive problems have been there even with Rust at the controls, we are are either really good or really bad from week to week. Until the defence can be consistently good, it is going to be a problem for us.

seems to me the offence is really starting to click with the additions of Brazell, Colon, and Macdonald more recent.....I don't know what happened to the defense....could it be one guy Brown, being out.......has made the difference....or Rod Rust not being with the club has affected their play....whatever... we have a week to get things back on track...there's still a glimmer of hope and if we can get some key people healthy...maybe we can get on course and get off this bloody rollercoaster....go BigBlue...give em hell in Regina... :arrow:

Well, lets hope Brown is able to play in Regina. Daley had a two hour meeting with the DBs and LBs on the weekend going every coverage in the play book as he and some of the players admitted that they were still a little confused without Rust in there. Apparently, they are all on the same page now and we should see a better technical effort from them in Regina.

Thats refreshing to here, being on the same page is a good thing...heard Brown is walking around with a limp, Oosterhuis has to get the job done if he's called upon, and you just know our D is going to be pumped after last week's nightmare

The Bombers D looked the same in Hamilton as they did in the first two games of the year with Rust. Bottom line is the d only plays as good as Wes Lysack plays and he stunk it up last game. Danny Mac was baiting him like a rookie. Tom Canada and Gavin Walls better pick it up big time. Isn't Alfred Payton still looking for work? Fields stunk it up also. I still think we should bring in that Mathis Guy from Hamilton. He's good but just didn't want to play over there.. Just ask Brazell.... :mrgreen:

I was thinking the same thing Winnerpegger, what I noticed most, was the lack of emotion that our D showed at the start of the season and in last week's tilt. I know it's hard to get up after the first play touchdown, but they are playing a professional sport....get over it and get it some emotion when you make a play..

A lot like the effort in Toronto as well after the layoff...same problems.

Well since the departutre of Rust and Brown going down the bombers have given up 86 points in 2 games, to two teams Ham and Sask who were struggling on offense. Can the loss of two people really cause a complete melt down on defence. Looks like it. These last two games were some of the worst defensive play I have seen from any team in quite awhile, couldnt stop the run or the pass, only Canada getting any pressure on the qb. Our dbs continue to give receivers way too much space, what is with Fields, he was giving receivers a 7 yard cushion, most of them were. This is really a huge step backwards for the defence, its time to bring in some new guys and maybe if Ottawa tanks, we could still have a shot at a cross over spot. This is really really bad.