The EF

Youre right it doesnt make sense. I understand a trading deadline, but when a player is released he has to go through waivers with the weaker teams getting first crack.

What you are saying makes sense.

The way I understand it, any player who played in the league this season can be signed now but can not play until the end of the season.

I did go through the CFL Collective Agreement and I can't find an article stating that a player released in the regular season cannot sign and play for a Team in the Semi-Finals or Finals.

If,for instance, Saskatchewan had an injured DL can they sign Robert Rose to play this Sunday? If the Argos had an injured DL can they sign Joe Cohen to play this Sunday? I say yes! Why could the Als be forbidden to play these players in the Finals? They are free agents.

These players-Cohen Rose and Smith- are all free agents.As per section 14.03 of CFL Collective Agreement it is written:"The CFL shall not take any action or make any agreement which in any way affects the ability of a Player whose contract with a Member Team has expired and has become a free agent for negotiating freely with any Member Team of the CFL"

Again,I am not saying that any of these players will be signed by the Als for the Finals, but I still believe that they are free to sign and play in the Finals.


It still hurts re Coach Matthews bringing in two NFL cuts and playing them both at corner in a GC loss to Edtm.

They had been with the team for months.

Coach Trestman confirming on RDS that LBJ will be good to go, but not Rod Davis and of course Scooter Berry.

As per Als roster,Import DE Aaron Lavarias has been transferred from practice roster to active roster; he was signed to practice roster on october 3,2012.

Import DT Scooter Berry has been trasferred from active roster to injured list.

Import S Winston Venable has been added to practice roster; was signed to practice roster on october 3,2012 but released november 1,2012.


Rod Davis being day to day could mean he might be available for the Grey Cup if the Als win next week.

Well I guess we'll all be discussing who we'll meet in the EF as we'll know our opponent by about 4:30 PM tomorrow.

I don't really think it matters who we meet, although I would prefer Edmonton somehow. RR has found ways to beat us - and has! - in the past. Somehow, I think we would have better success against Edmonton.

However, a playoff game is a brand new start and with the season we've had this year, it could go either way. Sure hope we can pack the Big Owe and at least give ourselves some noise advantage.

I hope/am confident that the Als will win.

Should the Als lose, I would definitely prefer that it would be against the Argos. For this reason, I hope that the Argos will win tomorrow.


ND 10-0! Woo Hoo! Hope they can make it to the BCS Championship, although the Rose Bowl would be nice, too.

Hope I'm woo-hooing a week from now!

Me too. Good for the division to have the Argos advance to the EDF, and if we're going to lose to a team, I'd rather it be an eastern team led by ex-Al coaches (Milanovich and Jones). Also, I've always liked Ricky Ray, not so much for his on-field accomplishments but for his laid-back, humble attitude.

Edit: not that I don't like Kavis Reed, Kerry Joseph, and Mark Nelson. All quality people, and Joseph's resurrection as a QB is a feelgood story. But Edmonton doesn't have the Montreal connection that Toronto has on its coaching staff.

good luck against the arrrrrrrrrrrrrgoooooooooooooos.

should be a great game next sunday. :cowboy:

Well I guess we're facing the Argos next week. There are two keys. DON'T kick the ball to Owens, or at least make him run for it, and full blitz pressure on RR. Otherwise, our guys can start working on their winter tans down south.

A SF game and nobody - NO-BO-DY in the upper deck! A population of 4,000,000+ in the GTA and that's the kind of crowd they draw? Pathetic - just pathetic! Sometimes I think the C in the CFL stands for "cheap".

We'll have to get Ray out of rhythm, because he is playing unconscious football right now. I haven't seen him this focused, sharp, and confident in a long time.

I would have much rather faced the Esks for the reasons we saw today. Now, the challenge will be all the harder.

We're both in agreement about RR, d&p. When we were able to get pressure on him in the past, he was eminently beatable. I trust AC and the O will be on their game and that we execute a well-balanced attack. Seeing the relentless blitz packages they brought against Joseph, the Als will have to get Jennings going early and often. With a credible run game, that will force LBs/DHs to respect that; that is, of course, if it's effective! SJ and J Rich will have to have a monster game. I hope others like Bratton, Lavoie, Bomben, and a few other others can contribute.

On D, I hope we have relentless pressure on Ray. If he's allowed the steamboats we saw today, he can and will pick apart our very suspect secondary.

So, I'm hopeful for a W but not overly optimistic. I hope there is enough of a crowd to constitute the 13th man. Something tells me we'll need all the help we can get.

To me, the keys are our slots, Richardson and Green. If they can play like they did in the 2010 playoffs, we have a good chance of winning. If they drop passes and lose focus at critical times, forget it. Look at how badly Getzlaf hurt the Riders today with drops at the worst possible times. He makes even one of those catches and the outcome might be very different.

The Sunday Argo win demonstrated that Milanovich has done a great coaching job. So many issues dealth with: new coach, new players,new system, new QB, no quality receivers, questionable O line ect. Bringing in Washington was a master stroke at offensive tackle. On Sunday Ray had tons of time in the pocket and, the O line were great enabling Kackert and others to make great runs. Giving Maurice and Owens receiving roles who, along with Durie added strength improved this position. Finally the signing of Patrick added great strength on defense. This team has now peaked and will give our Als a tough game in EF.

whatever happens this sunday. I'm proud of this alouette team.

go als go. :thup: