The Edmonton & Tiger-Cats Re-Match

Well the rematch of the Tiger-Cats and Eskimos game on Saturday night and the return of Zach Collaros who was knocked out of the game the last time these two teams met in Edmonton back in July in what I still call a cheap shot by the Eskimo's defensive lineman Odell Willis.

The hit on Collaros was definitely a cheap shot and a high head hit, helmet to helmet and I believe Grover had the best evidence at the time with the photo of the scratch on Odell's helmet, why do I bring this up, because it cost us the game and we lost our starting QB Collaros for 7 games and our many losses that followed.

Chris Jones head coach of Edmonton believes in what he calls Smash Mouth Football, he tells his players before every game to go out and smash the opposition players, it's one thing to be aggressive in football but it's another to go out and injure a player in the style that Willis did against Collaros in July.

I hope the Tiger-Cats pay Willis and the Eskimos the same respect they paid us in that first game they played back in July.


I wonder if the 'smash mouth' team will put a full time spy camera on odell to make sure there is no retaliation. Or if there is can they prove intent?

Does "Smash Mouth" also include multiple "chop blocks" to the knees of a certain EE DE? :twisted:

Let's just have the team beat the EE convincingly on the field like they did the Riders, although Reilly will be a bit tougher since he is more mobile and experienced but it CAN be done! :cowboy:

Karl ?@LeafsKarl 54m
Eskimos preparing behind the Sheraton for defeat on Saturday.

It Looks like Chris Jones is having a Prayer meeting behind the Sheraton Centre, please, please let's win tonight and bless our Eskimos for taking cheap shots on Tiger-Cat players!!


Heard we have plumbing and HVAC problems for the new visitor dressing room ! :twisted: behind the sheraton having a walk through :lol:

Is that the Sheraton in Hamilton or would the Esks stay in Toronto?

I see we get Gord Miller and Matty doing the game. Thank God for the mute button. Dunnigan's southern twang gets thicker and thicker as the game goes on. I think Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons would describe them as "Worst crew ever"! :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

They are actually my favourite of the three TSN crews because THEY HAVE FUN! They don't take the game or themselves too seriously. After all it is a GAME. And to me that's what watching sports is all about - Having fun! If it wasn't fun - and watching sports wasn't all about having a good time - I wouldn't be a sports fan.

Agreed it is about having fun and playing clean, but when coaches tell players to play aggressive, smash mouth football and players try to inflict a dirty cheap shot on the opposition player or players that's when I take exception to that and I would hope most strong supporters of the Tiger-Cats would do as well.

Play fair, have a good time but when you take a cheap shot like Odell Willis did against Zach Collaros don't be surprised if it comes back to haunt you!!


That's the rooftop of Jackson Square.

You’ve really been pounding home the “Willis’ dirty hit” theme in your recent posts. Even suggesting that the Cats should undertake some kind of retribution shot against Odell. I’m not convinced that it was a “dirty hit” and I don’t think many of the Cats think that the play was bad. Consider this quote from Collaros himself:

“The league deemed it a dirty hit, but he was just trying to do his job. If I was his teammate, I’d be like, ‘great job, you just knocked the quarterback out.’” Collaros said. “There’s no hard feelings. He’s a good football player.”

A convincing win without wasting energy and emotion on past games is, IMO, most important. I think Garth Algar said it best when he said, “Live in the now, man.”

That’s the rooftop of Jackson Square.

8) Yep, it is. Visiting teams usually stay there or the Holiday Inn in Burlington.

Do you think viewers should know that Ted Laurent and Brian Bulcke, the starting defensive tackles, won't be playing tonight? These two broadcasters don't do their homework. Their job is to inform the viewer. If Matt says "Getter done" once, he says it 20 times a game. His Larry the Cable Guy impression may go over well in Texas but its getting awfully old around here. Duane Ford is smart and always well prepared. Coach LaPolice gives the viewer all kinds of insight into the game. Gordo and Matty pale in comparison.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)