The Edmonton Empire?

It looks more and more that Edmonton will be changing their name soon. If I had to bet, I would put my money on "Empire".
Some people will make a huge deal about this and some will boycott I'm sure. For me, it makes sense in this changing and evolving world and remember, it didn't take long for Ottawa to embrace the Red Black name and culture. For a younger fanbase moving forward it can be used to gain new fans and attention. I'm sure sure some of you might disagree.

Then you will have people crying foul of that name "Because Colonization".

Elk or Elks is my nomination since they’ve used it in the past. Lots of “E” nickname possibilities though.

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Maybe they can hire the same branding experts that Ottawa used a few years back.


Or if that is too weird, the Edmonton YELLOW GREENS.

Fallback: the Edmonton Rough Riders.


Elks gets my vote.

Ewoks. of the Empire

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I think it is time for them to change their name.

Confused about the word Eskimo?

"It's a commonly used term referring to the native peoples of Alaska and other Arctic regions, including Siberia, Canada and Greenland. It comes from a Central Algonquian language called Ojibwe, which people still speak around the Great Lakes region on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border. But the word has a controversial history.

People in many parts of the Arctic consider Eskimo a derogatory term because it was widely used by racist, non-native colonizers. Many people also thought it meant eater of raw meat, which connoted barbarism and violence. Although the word's exact etymology is unclear, mid-century anthropologists suggested that the word came from the Latin word excommunicati , meaning the excommunicated ones, because the native people of the Canadian Arctic were not Christian.

But now there's a new theory. According to the Alaska Native Language Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, linguists believe the word Eskimo actually came from the French word e squimaux , meaning one who nets snowshoes. Netting snowshoes is the highly-precise way that Arctic peoples built winter footwear by tightly weaving, or netting, sinew from caribou or other animals across a wooden frame.

But the correction to the etymological record came too late to rehabilitate the word Eskimo. The word's racist history means most people in Canada and Greenland still prefer other terms. The most widespread is Inuit, which means simply, "people." The singular, which means "person," is Inuk.

Of course, as with so many words sullied by the crimes of colonialism, not everyone agrees on what to do with Eskimo. Many Native Alaskans still refer to themselves as Eskimos, in part because the word Inuit isn't part of the Yupik languages of Alaska and Siberia.

But unless you're native to the circumpolar region, the short answer is: You probably shouldn't use the word Eskimo."

This is not a case of political correctness to me. Rather, it is a matter of respect to refer to people as they want to be referred to. Since the Inuit, by and large, do not wish to be known as Eskimo it is only a sign of honour to not use that word. Just like polite people do not use the "n" word anymore.

What should the team be called? My vote is for Evil Empire (which matches the emblem on the jersey quite well). I don't think that Edmonton would choose that option however.

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They why did the Inuit that the team worked with say that they don't have an issue with the name, as long as it's used in a respectful manner? This has been reported on both 3DownNation and CBC.

If it does change .

Edmonton Double E's or Esks

Just go with the shortened version if it has to change


Or use the Redblack book for image change but still holds yesterday with lumberjack style .

with Double E's You can now use the Alberta beef cattle industry and the cattle ranch image to go with the Edmonton region . Double E Ranch branding .

If it was Double D's don't say it I know it would have been a better image .

I don't know. I just copied and pasted what I saw on NPR's (American National Public Radio) website.

Perhaps (?) they were trying to be polite or nice? Or perhaps because they weren't being called Eskimo they did not take offence. Only they could explain their thinking not I. :wink:

Might as well go league wide then. :laughing:

Toronto Double Blue, Hamilton Black & Gold, etc.

What is Empire supposed to mean in regards to Edmonton or football (seriously asking)

Edmonton Inuk, the campaign starts here. Being politically correct... ugh...but carrying on the Eskimo tradition.

The disparaging nickname of the Edmonton Eskimos is Evil Empire (probably due to the 5 consecutive Grey Cups they won) to match the two capital "E" s on their jerseys. Other team nicknames include the bummers, gang green, etc.

They already started using it (sort of) this week.

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They have been running the "One Empire" campaign for a few years now.

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Well then switching their name to "Empire" makes even more sense now.

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This is from 2017

It never gained much support in Edmonton
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Blue Bombers can the name of Bombers not offend anyone in this world...?

Call them the Edmonton Oil Line  (rolling eyes)

It certainly does not offend those brave Canadians who were part of Bomber Command in the RCAF during the Second World War. :canada: :canada: :canada:

We owe them our freedom. :+1: :mask:

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Yes Mike, agreed, but just know that there will be those who will criticize it because, to them, it glorifies war.

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