The easy part of the schedule is over

Well, now starts the time where the team needs to show their best. Aside from one game against BC (who are resurging, and playing for their jobs), the rest of the games are going to be tough, hard-fought matches with playoff implications.

I’ve been impressed and pleasantly surprised at the season thus far. Will the boys be able to hold strong through crunch time?

We should win two against EE (unless we are in position to rest starters the last week of the season. I expect to go at least 4-1 down the stretch and suspect we will host a playoff game (Winnipeg and Calgary have a home and home) so one win against either team and we will host.

I don’t believe the Riders have ‘peaked yet’.
With the return of Labatt, JWL and the emergence of the Manny show (among other developments) as well as a strengthening, more aggressive Defense there is no reason to think the Riders can’t win “All Remaining games”.
There is a belief and excitment in the Rider Room that will not be dampened.
It’s been a long time since the Riders had serious promise and is now time to EXPECT wins not hope for them.
This is the run now, lets get at it…non stop!
Go Riders GO To The Greycup