The Eastern Semi-Final Postgame Thread


I'm afraid we deserve every inch of this loss...

Good season...NOT great,just good.

We've got serious deficiencies to look at in the off season...

For the most part, Printers was on and Glenn was off today

I'll challenge that a bit.

We need to get a better ST effort. We cannot seem to stop opponents, and are hopeless at producing an effective runback, which costs us a lot.

I'm in no way unhappy with the linebackers or DLine; if we can get past QP at QB and trust in KG, we are a real young team that can dominate. Coaching is young, but good; OB is a smart guy and deserves enormous kudos for getting the results we had this year.

If Cobb can work on catching the ball in the off season, we are going to be a real whip in 2010...


Our secondary was very ineffective...

That was an epic game to say the least. The TiCats may have scored less points but they still played very well. I'm certain they will give Montreal a real run for their money next year. I am sure you guys will have back to back home playoff games.
Great game and cheers to the Cats and their fans!

Yes, it`s great to see fans back at IWS. Kudos on your season, and what a game.

You guys played a hard fought game, and very good come back.

Good season, see you next spring!

To say the least,and it must be an off season priority.

The offensive game plan was very weak and put Glenn in the poor position of trying to win the gam with his arm alone...

We missed several chances where we could, and in most cases should have sacked Printers. Those cost us big.

Duane Forde and Rob Black are incorrect, Cobb could have been very effective had the run game not be ignored. Did they not remember the TD out of nothing only to be called back?

Well, you know that the story is going to be that Printers came back to Hamilton to haunt the team that released him in the off-season. He completed 68.6% of his passes for 360 yards. But too many times, we could not get enough pressure on him or contain him. He also got that rushing TD. We did get a few sacks, but it was not enough.

Here, the offence will be a story. I am still wondering why there were only five handoffs to Cobb in the first half. And there were a few too many missed passes and dropped passes as Glenn had a 60.8% completion percentage on 51 pass attempts for 437 passing yards. Printers was unfortunately better than Glenn this game.

We continue to let other teams get great returns on special teams, and we do not get any of our own.

We saw some things that need to be addressed in the off-season. But seeing the season end this way sure beats seeing how it ended in previous years. Nevertheless, congratulations to the Ticats on the big improvement this year.

If we had not been "armtackelling" Printers, but hitting him with full body mass, there'd have been any number of added sacks that would have changed things considerably.

Yes, the Zone Coverage was weak and inefficient, and I'm not sure we are "there" to do a "Man" coverage against other teams in the League.

I'll leave it to Obie to figure out the "fix"; he certainly earned his pay this year.

As an "Owner" Bob Young certainly came through for us in 2009; I cannot be unhappy, even if I am disappointed; I think we took the Lions too lightly today.

Thanks...I think it was obvious that BC has better pure atheletes at key positions than Hamilton.Our secondary simply got whipped by better atheletes on the other side of the ball.Late in the game the BC defensive Line started to dominate when it had to.

The Cats now know what areas they must improve on to get to the next level next year.

I don't mind BC beating us much as if it had been Winnipeg or Toronto.I think the Lions will be a live underdog against the Al's next week.

I know I shouldn't be but I'm very disappointed in this loss. This was a game where we should have been better prepared and should have won. Unfortunately our defense and especially the secondary were very soft. You have the Lions backed up their own goal line and it's 2nd and 20 and they hit Arceneux (sp?) for over 50 yards???? Come on. What the hell kind of coverage is that? And tell me that the Lions shouldn't have been called for pass interference at least once in the game. Bullshit!!

Why Hamilton cannot have a good special teams baffles me and why was McDaniel not returning punts in the first half? Was it injury concern? Tyler Ebell is not a guy who should return punts.

Congrats to the Cats and the coaching staff on a great comeback season, one that should certainly get MB (and his staff) the coach of the year honors. We came within an eyelash of going to Montreal next week. 9and 9 isn’t all that bad when you consider that we lost a few games by 3 or less points and I chalk that up to MB wanting to stay with QP.

But Glenn and the offense showed us today what they were made of coming back to tie it up, Very exiting.

I think Printers exposed one of our obvious weeknesses when he burned our defensive halfbacks at least 3 or 4 times for some very long yardage plays, The killer was the one where we had him pinned at his goal line and he completed the 50 yard pass.
Again the D played like monsters holding them to 3 fieldgoals that could have easily been 21 points.
Next year we should be even better and give the Powerhouses in the east a run for their money.

Agreed 100%. The secondary let them down today. Special Teams don't scare anyone. The talk all week was cheap. Hats off to Casey. Unwanted and now 2 wins from a grey Cup Championship.

The Offensive game plan was very puzzling.The running game is like body punching in boxing.The benifits don't always show up early but become evident later on.I don't get why they did what they did.

The special teams problem seems to be an ongoing,year in and year out issue.Today,it was acute.We don't cover,an we don't seem to set up very good return schemes.I have no answer for that.

Off season priorities:

Better atheletes in the secondary
Find a serious rush end that can put pressure on the opposing QB
A team can always use better O-Linemen.

That's what's keeping us from making the jump from 9-9 to contending for division and Grey Cup Championships!

All in all,I can't be terribly upset over what happened today.This is a greatly improved team over the last few years and has a cery good nucleus to build aroung for the future.

Agree 100%

Cobb should have been fed the ball in the first half mixed with short high percentage passes similar to the ones Printers made. Then every so often you could have long bombed it down the field.

Team MVP for the game has to be Dave Stala