The Eastern Laughing Stock...again.

Awsome. Good to be a loser. I'm so fond of sticking up for and defending the TiCats only to have them play like trash. I'm really getting the hang of this. I'm glad I stayed at home.

You really like to start threads don't you?
You could have summed up all you thought in one thread.

This is how I vent. It saves me a fortune in drywall.

LOL I get it...but I do know a drywaller if needed.

This is a great place to vent. I expected great things from Cats this year but so far i am seeing the same old thing we saw last year. Give us some intensity and smart play. And what is with Marshall giving Boreham a pat on the back after missing his third field goal. How bout some yelling and screaming. I mean, come one this is pro ball not college stuff. Give us someone who can actually kick field goals.