The east

Who so you think will win the east? Montreal or Tonronto(or maby even Ottawa)

Hamilton! j/k, seoruisy, I say Toronto.

After the game last night, I'd like to see how people vote now.

Montreal will give Toronto some serious heat.

Haha....Ottawa being considerd for first place in the East... :lol:

Toronto, Montreal will make it interesting though.

I had to pu them there for the sace of accuracy

Watch out for 1981 all over again 04Champ. Ya never know. You shouldn't laugh at the sorrows of other teams. Well, maybe you should, cuz I'm rippin' a gut over the Leafs chances this year. :lol: :lol:

at this point in time, with the schedule ahead...toronto has the easier teams commin up compared to the ARGOS should finish firts....barring injuries

Thanks to the CO, 1981 will never happen again and is just a memory.

Well, I don't remember it anyway, it was 4 years before I was born!

TORONTO.........Montreal , needed that win in , B.C........The ARGOS , have a much easier sched.....than their bruttle the first half of the season.

However......SASK......are on a role again.....and TORONTO has not played well , after a long lay off.

For MONTREAL to have a chance they need to beat WINNIPEG.....and SASK......needs to beat TORONTO...........

Even, if Montreal beats WINNIPEG......TORONTO, has to lose. Montreal , is running out of games.

OK, who voted for Ottawa?

Don't forget, all Montreal has to do is win one more game than Toronto heading into the Big Owe on Oct.22. If Montreal then wins that game, they'll be in first due to winning the season series. The 4 point lead for Toronto isn't as big as some of you think.