the east

well after the the als loseing at home to the rider this is what the east looks like

Hamilton tiger-cats 0-0-0 (play tomorrow nite in calgary)

winnipeg bule bombers 0-0-1

toronto argonauts 0-0-0 :slight_smile:

montreal alouettes 0-0-0

just a up date let me now ur thought on the east do far

Your post reminds me of, 'show and tell.'


um... didn't you forget Toronto's and Montreal's loses?

WPG 0-0-1
HAM 0-0-0
TOR 0-1-0
MTL 0-1-0

Right now we're in good position with a game in hand to take 1st place in the East and be on pace to host the Scotiabank East Championship.

I guess 0-1-0 for the ARGs and ALs?

But yeah, if we win tonight we would be in first place - do we dare to dream?

sorry guys was really tried when i wrote this post

“tried”??? Now you’re convicted!!! :wink: :lol:

Actually, it is interesting that the Cats could be in first after tonight! Some have predicted that they won’t get out of the basement! :roll:

Let’s hope they can pull off a win tonight! :thup:

It sure would be a nice start!

The West has been the better division since as long as I've been alive. So I'm not overly surprised that the Western teams are beating up on the Eastern teams in week 1.

As a side note, I wasn't impressed with Toronto, late surge or not. I had a feeling Montreal was going to fall back to earth this year, but man, they looked horrible last night.

So, I think the Cats have as good a shot as anyone in the East this year.

when was the last time we one our first game ?

ticat with a chance to grab first in the east tonite...

so far, the bombers look like the best team in the east.

2004 we beat BC on the road in week 1 in a game where Danny Mac threw for something like 575 yards. We went 3-0 before losing 5 straight and dropping to 3-5. Finished the season 9-8-1 and bowed out in the East Semi against Toronto.

First games can really set the tone of the season.

BTW on an unrelated side note: The new Firefox browser has a built in spell checker for any text box. I find that useful