The east is up for grabs

We pull off a win on Fri. in TO, I for one, believe that the east is up for grabs. The other teams are catching up to Montreal now, the Argos handled them pretty good last week. If we can stack up against the Argos and pull off a win, then I see a three team race in the east. PS the O-line has to have a great game against Toronto's D-line...I think that's the key to the game. :cowboy:

I really don't know what to think of the Argos this year. I want to believe that everything they have accomplished to date has been luck and lots of Argo bounces, but my gut tells me they are wayyyy better than most think. Friday will be the biggest test the Ticats have faced this season.
It is really going to depend on how these two teams match up. Is it a must game? - if it's not than it's as close to a must game you can get without it actually being one.
Ticat's offence has to come up big and the defence has to shut down the big play.

I don't think this is the biggest test the Cats have faced all season. They have played in Montreal and Regina. Those games are much tougher tests that the Argos.

I also don't think this is a must-win game. After the game in Regina, I said that they Cats had to win three of their next five to stay in the mix. Well, they already have two, and I know they will win at least one of the two against the Argos, so if they can beat the Argos this Friday, they have a great shot of taking both, as I figured Labour Day was the almost guarantee for the Tabbies.

I still think the Als are the class of the East (and they will pound Winnipeg on Thursday), with the Argos being a touch below and the Cats being a touch below the Argos. If the Cats win on Friday, then they and the Argos are even aside from record.

While I don't think the East is definitely up for grabs (I still think Montreal will win it by at least two games), it is much, much tighter than it has been for the last few years.

We've been greatly improving. The O-line and hopefully the running game is starting to take shape. The kicking game is now much, much improved. The D-line has been playing really well lately and they should be healthy. My only concern is the defensive backfield. A great pass rush will help them out though. Like I said, we've really improved from earlier in the season...this will be a battle on Friday. First place is still a possibility if we can handle TO. :cowboy:

8) Well, if we can't beat the Argos Friday night, the Cats will still have the distinction of only beating one team
  this year, that being the Bombers !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I think Blogskee has it about right.

As long as AC and Cahoon and Watkins and Cobourne are around, the Als are going to be tough to knock off. The Argos did it and good for them. A few bounces went their way, and AC's finger is clearly hampering him, but the Argos played well and deserved the win. They've come back strongly this season, better than many (me included) expected.

Second place is up for grabs though, and we have a good shot at it. Beating the Argos in both the coming games would help a lot.

Yes, we do need to win a game against someone other than Winnipeg at some point. This weekend would be a good place to start. I think we can do it.

At least with both Edmonton and BC looking bad, it appears likely there won't be a western crossover to the east this year, so third place should get an eastern team into the playoffs.

With them being so bad, it's possible that an East team will cross over to the West.

I can't see the Bombers winning another game this year, even vs Edmonton. There will be no East crossover.

I disagree. Winnipeg, especially with Steven Jyles, is a much better team than Edmonton or BC. Both those teams are in complete disarray. I think Winnipeg still has a chance at 6-8 wins, whereas I'd be surprised if either Edmonton or BC got to 5. BC has an outside shot if Printers come back healthy, but even then, their O-Line is atrocious.

so far the East is Stronger then west

buckwheat: From what I see, the improvements we have made get us closer to being a competitive team. But it's still not enough to handle Montreal and Toronto. The blue team is fired up right now after what they have done this season. They are more creative in their offence and have shown they can come from behind late in the game and win.
Those are qualities which we have not shown yet. We are weak in the defensive backfield and inconsistent and lethargic on offence.
Montreal will be back on top again as soon as AC's finger is healed.
I'd love to be part of the rah rah bunch on here but only when we have shown we can beat any team on any given day. Realistically we are not there yet .....but I am still rooting for us to beat the blue team tomorrow night. :thup:

I definitely think the east is up for grabs. We are only two games back of Montreal and we still play them twice at Ivor Wynne. All we have to do is stay even with them for the rest of the season, and win those two games at Ivor Wynne against the Als and we finish ahead of them, and i would like to remind you all that Montreal has looked very human on the road this year.

I think the Bombers can win in mtl tonight.
Cobourne is out, AC is hurting and they just haven't looked that great this year.

I have a feeling the bombers pull an upset tonight. They can put up points and they definitely look way better than Edmonton and B.C.


The Calvillo injury may change everything as well.

Stay tuned.

Depending on how long AC is out...things could get really interesting.

(Boy, it's nice to type about actual football).

This AC injury could change everything. I never wish for any player to get hurt, but this could make things very interesting depending how long he misses.

According to the club, it's a dislocated rib with no structural damage. The bye week will help him immensely if this is the case!

Oski Wee Wee,


I don't want to be a pessimist, but so far, we only beat Winnipeg.
We lost 4 games as follows:
- Winnipeg
- Calgary
- Montreal
- Saskatchewan
So, we can't beat anybody but Winnipeg.
This does not bode well for the Tabbies.
The big weakness we have is the secondary, and the lack of a good running game.
The Argos are going to exploit that, and exploit it often.
Also, we have a problem with adjustments. If we are down by a couple of TDs, we don't know how to recover.
These are the things that worry me....

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Labour Day will be huge for a first place run. I still think it's a three team toss up even after our win tonight. :cowboy: