...the east is least///

....minus an under-achieving Bomber team that should be showing better...this is one lousy looking division....any of the teams could finish with the most dismal record this league has seen...its a battle for last boys... :lol: :lol: :lol:

That's nothing to laugh about unless you're a pillow biter. I'm homicidal, not suicidal.

I'm pushing very hard to convince Bomberland that Berry rose to his level of incompetence in the Grey Cup last year. I'd like to have Khari Jones come in and have Taman & Marshall shore up the secondary. La ESP Police has to go.

If those 3 things happen, the Bombers can contend for the Cup. Like you said, the East is weak. All we have to do is overtake T.O.

If the Bombers get their mojo back, they just have to remember one thing. Kevin Eiben STOLE the Bombers' Grey Cup rings last year. That Cup in Saskatchewan belongs to us. Anyone or anything that gets in the way will suffer the consequences.

It's not about winning games; it's about revenge. It's about remembering what teams did to us last year and making them pay.

Saskatchewan are place holders--they're zeros holding our Cup for us until we take it back. If enough Bombers believe that, it will happen.

If the Bummers stay the course and refuse to tank Berry before game 7, it's likely 2 eastern teams will make the playoffs and we won't be one of them.

The Esks are over-achieving and will plateau around 10 wins, Calgary 12 wins, Sask. 12 and BC 10. Calgary should prevail as Sask. will be too beat up to make it to the Grey Cup again.

Montreal will be a formidable opponent if they make it to the Cup. You know the regular season is nothing but a war of attrition. East vs. West records means absolutely nothing in the Grey Cup--you know that.

Sad but true papa, and fortunate for the Bombers.

The East is wide open, the first team that starts to string together a few wins, can go from the outhouse to the penthouse, very quickly.

Nobody should be writing off the season after only 4 games in.

What was TO after 8 games last year 2 - 6, and they still finished first.

Way too much football to be played yet.

Great points pigs_eye.

Let's hope the west keeps winning 'til we can wake up from this nightmare :cry: :cry: