The EAST FINAL : Who win and why???

1st : Any one know how the ticket sales are doing in MONTREAL? :rockin:

This is the 5th year in a row that the ARGOS and MONTREAL have met in the EAST FINAL. :o

MONTREAL , has the clear lead with the most wins over TORONTO. :cowboy:

This game to me is a flip of a coin.

  1. REVENGE as motivation.THE ARGOS want revenge for last years loss and for the loss in the last game of this season.

Will that even matter?

  1. THE huge CROWD will help MONTREAL but the ARGOS have win there once in the play-offs.

  2. Will the 2 week lay off hurt MONTREAL?

  3. MONTREAL should be healthy as will the ARGOS mostly.

  4. Both teams are very evenly matched.

WHO will win and why? :cowboy:

Toronto cause I said so.

Seriously though, like you said it’s a coin toss.

Toronto, cause Toronto's back-up is better than Montreal's back-up!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin:

I think Montreal will win, because they have more overall consistency in their game. If Toronto's offence cant move the ball, they are going to have a long day.

I am calling TO in the east.
I said before the semis, that the winner of TO/Winnipeg will win the east, and I see no reason to change that view.
TO arguably has the best defence in the league, as good a group of receivers as anyone, and a good o-line and RBs. The only leak in the ship is at QB and Allen is still capable of not losing the game.
Montreal on the otherhand has many many leaks. Lots of talent, but lots of leaks!!

I'll do the West as well.

For Riders/BC, I never predict Riders games.
I hope we win, we are capable of winning, we have enough talent and chemistry to win, but....
BC has been the class of the league this year.
Their defence is solid, top to bottom (the 3 best defences are BC/Riders/To--rank 'em as you like). Offensively, they might have the best group of receivers, Smith is a solid back and Dave Dickenson, when healthy is still the best QB in the league (with the possible exception of Ray).
The fly in the ointment here is the o-line.
I have said it before, I'll say it again. If Murphy deserves to be the West o-lineman, then the rest of the group must really be awful, because as a group, about the only ones you are better than are Edmonton and Hamilton.
I think the Rider defence is as good or better, our recievers are a good group, our RBs are superior, our o-line is as good a group as there is, and we are solid at QB. The good news is, we have gotten this far without Joseph ever playing really well. He is due!
In back-up QBs, I think if it comes to that, we have the advantage. at worst, its a saw-off.
So on paper, this game looks tight to me.
And the teams respect, but hate each other which adds a little extra to the combat (as opposed to Calgary who was hated by both Riders and BC, but not so much respect).

I forgot kicking--McCallum is a better punter(not much...), and has a stronger leg, so if you need a 56 yarder, Congi is only really good inside the 45.
But so far, Congi has been clutch. I don't ever remember using that word in the same sentence with McCallum.

Anyway. Should be close. Should be exciting. Should be intense.
And the winner here, will win the Cup!

I think Montreal win pull it out. I mean, obviously the riders are gonna win the West, and I dont see two away teams pulling it out...

I'm sticking with my predicted BC-Toronto final. Out of the teams that screwed up down the stretch in the East, Toronto screwed up a bit less, I think, than Montreal. Montreal may have beat Toronto, but Toronto contributed to that by screwing up the end of the game, IMO (going for it on 3rd-and-7, on your own 20, with 1:30 to go?). Montreal is 3-8 in their last 11 games. They lost to Edmonton in the Big Owe, when Edmonton had nothing to play for and Montreal could have clinched the East. Toronto is riding momentum, and they have a confident backup QB, while Montreal could very easily have developed rust from their break.

We have opposite predictions Canuck

Montreal will take it big.

Calvillo ends all debate about his quarterbacking this year and picks them apart.
Also think Montreal has a better defence than Toronto, even though The Argo's get all the hype about their D.
38-17 Montreal.

In the East, I think Montreal will win. Damon Allen has not been the same since returned from his injury.

In the West, its the battle of the defenses. BC MUST shut down Kenton Keith. If BC can contain him and hold his gains to small ones, that will force Joseph to throw into a tough BC Secondary. For Saskatchewan defense, pressure, pressure, pressure! If they can get to Dickenson early and take the crowd out of it, then they have a good chance. McCallum will redeem himself on the last play of the game,I'm picking BC by 2

There was a strech of games where the Argos were carried by their defence. The strech ended with the back to back wins in Edmonton. THe offence didn't move the ball at all, but defensive touchdowns, interceptions and fumbles won them game after game.

Now we need to find a way to get the offence moving.

The stretch of games where the Argo defence carried the team started on June 17 and went until Nov. 5.

Other than that, the Argo defence played like crap.

Yes, you could argue that the defence also saved our butts against Winnipeg, and you would probably be right.

They disappeared against Sask. and Montreal though. Both losses.

The number reported today by RDS is 30 000. I expect the Als to reach the break even point (32 500), but not go over it by too much.

I don't get tired of it. :smiley:

As I explained to someone in another thread, the Olympic Stadium crowd comes with a few thousands fairweather fans who don't understand when they should make noise and when they should shut it down. That, sometimes play in the opponent's favour.

One other thing that goes in Toronto's favour is they are used to playing in a dome, while Montreal only plays there once a year.

What's the report on Tony Miles?

Montreal because Montreal's Starter is better then Toronto's Starter and Back up

pinball is now 'optimistic' that Miles will play....which will tip the scales in the argos favor, IMO, as they are a much better team with Miles in the lineup.

Has anyone ever seen Pinball in another mindset? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, the Als confirmed Eric Lapointe would be dressed. Remember what he did last year when he played HALF the Eastern Championship? :stuck_out_tongue:

pinball was doubtful in miles playing all week, so for him to change his mind and now say 'optimistic'...i like the chances of miles playing.

my prediction:

miles playing, argos win
miles sitting, als win