The Earth worm

After turning down the Als many times claiming he had a dream job at the University of Montreal, Danny the worm Maciocia is now campaigning for Jim's job.

Hiring Maciocia as General Manager would be the absolute worst possible thing that could happen to this team.

Two words for you Danny. F U !

Also Joey Abrams saying he's looking forward to working with Jim Popp again at some point disqualifies him from being a GM with this team. He's entitled to be loyal to Jim but that is a choice in itself. His demeanor today proves he does not have the maturity to understand the situation.

They hire Maciocia and I am no longer an Alouettes fan. It's that simple.

I’ll introduce you to my buddies over at Esksfans :slight_smile:


With Andrew W taking more of a leadership role, I am hoping that Maciocia does not get anywhere near the GM position. Surely the Wetenhalls must know that quite apart from anything else, a CFL GM HAS to have connections down south? How on earth would Maciocia be able to bring in talent? He is also cordially hated by Chapdelaine, how do they make that work?

And I agree that Abrams is a desk jockey who shouldn’t get the promotion. Sunderland or Murphy would be fine.

Maciocia claims his failing in Edmonton as a GM gave him the knowledge how to build a team.

Then the idiot at Sports98.5 asks him if he'd like to work with Chapdelaine (because he has no clue about the history) and Maciocia dances around the question with a bunch of mumbo jumbo :lol: weak.... like a a a Worm.

[i]What an IDIOTIC STATEMENT! Yup, Johnny burned his toast this morning. Well, from that experience, Johnny has learned how to become a chef with a 5 Star Michelin restaurant :roll: :

That Maciocia destroyed the Eskimos all by himself. It's possible to make lemonade out of lemons. But, no one can make champagne out of cat piss!

If Maciocia is hired as GM of the Alouettes...


Just kidding. Johnny does not feel the attachment to another CFL team as he does to his hometown Als. But, Johnny would stop being a fan of the Als.

That is the destructive power of Maciocia...[/i]

Mario Lacroix ambushed Marc Weightman. That guy has no class, ZERO. Anyway since we know the team looks at this website. I hope they don't let these media types muscle the organization into hiring a worm like Maciocia. Last thing we need is a head case like Thorpe as HC and a poser like Maciocia as GM.

And you Maciocia we are on to you !

Yup, stay away dancing fool!

.......Well there you have it ..Dancin Danny is still tripping the light fantastic....I wonder if he ever considered going on Dancing with the Stars...I agree hfxtc, that there are better people out there....He was a failed coach and I don't see him as the future in Mont....His fairy like sideline dancing while he was in Edm. still makes me laugh.....He should be applying at a dance studio :lol:...Take it away Johnny :rockin:

DM … Noooooooooooooooo

What pisses me off about these reporters squeezing the team, is that they don't even follow them. They are uninterested and if the team ends up struggling for their existence they won't give a damn.

Maciocia's coaching record is similar to Jim Popp ! And he coached in much better conditions.

The guy literally says "mistakes were made!" in Herb's latest. :lol: Like, can you get anymore of a CYA, go-along-to-get-along, vapid, blame-deflecting hack?

Holding my breath that the Wetenhalls are smart enough to see through Maciocia and his nonsense, and not to be blackmailed by the lazy dog-whistle French-Canadian press who would hire an inanimate carbon rod if the rod could field questions in French. It's so insulting, and a mockery of what affirmative action should be. AA exists to redress systemically racist and discriminatory hiring practices by giving jobs to minorities who are QUALIFIED (which rules out Maciocia lol). For example, the Rooney rule has been a staple of the NFL in part because of the discrimination that black coaches faced (and still face!) within a league where ownership and management are painfully white and frequently racist (if behind closed doors).

In Quebec, explain to me how francophones are discriminated against! :lol: They are the linguistic majority and pretty much all the laws are set up to favor white French-speaking candidates in most jobs.

Chapdelaine is a qualified francophone candidate who deserves a chance (despite my displeasure with hiring any internal candidate without doing a proper search). Maciocia is an unqualified failure of a francophone candidate who deserves no chance. Hire Chap as HC, which should be more than enough for the dog-whistle crowd, and pass on Dancin' Danny in any capacity.

Michael Farber was talking to Rick Moffatt this morning on CJAD.
Believe he said Dancing Danny has a 10 year contract with the U of M.
If this is accurate, this could be the saving grace.

But .......... does it have an out clause for a CFL or NFL (he is a dreamer) job?

[i]You pretty much covered it papazoola! Well, anything can happen in this crazy world. Johnny just got here from CNN... Major depression.

If that nut job can become president (he is leading at the moment) , Maciocia will be sworn in as GM and HC of the Alouettes next week...

Sorry to bring politics into this guys. Johnny is just so depressed. Trump and or Maciocia. Why is life so cruel? :cry: [/i]

[i]Johnny has a clause for Maciocia;


That's right Danny. Go take a **** somewhere else! :cowboy: [/i]


Prove me wrong.

Je ne suis pas celui qui en a fait l'affirmation. C'est à qui affirme une telle chose de le démontrer. Listez moi ces lois.


Heureux de te revoir LeStaf! :rockin: [/i]