The earlier season start affects teams gathering guys for playoff runs

There's been talk about earlier season starts to avoid cold weather in the playoffs. This year started earlier than the historic norm.

One of the consequences I've noticed from this is that teams have really lost the ability to sign NFL cuts to cover injuries or improve their team for playoff runs.

Of course, teams can still sign guys, but the season is so much further along when these guys come available that its far more difficult to get them up to speed on the Canadian game and their playbooks in time to make a difference. Yes, I know some guys learn quicker or have enough talent to make up for thevtime crunch, but these faster, smarter players are also far less likely to be cut in the first place.

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.... "keep bringing in better" vs. "run what ya brung".

I know this year the Riders would have benefitted from more time to find and sign OLinemen, as anyone they get now may come too late. OTOH, maybe they should have gotten better guys from the start.

What do you guys think? Is the later availability of NFL cuts due to the earlier season start a good thing or a bad thing?

Not sure about it on many fronts .

Not sure because the season still has significant games and meaning after Labour Day so they should continue to sign NFL camp cuts .

Not sure in terms of attracting those players after camp if it's enough compensation game day wise for a proper pay check now for some talent to come north .

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Naturally it’s going to get worse before it gets better. TSN would be happy if the CFL started in April.

Until then I think having the ability to sign NFL cuts is situational. Some players aren’t suited for the CFL game and some thrive in it. It’s interesting to think about at any rate.


XFL and USFL are also affecting NFL cuts available to CFL.

i tend to agree in general though. plus i like inclement weather football.


The difference between the when the Grey Cup game is this year as compared to the when the game has usually been played in other seasons during the past decade or so is all of 1 week.


And even that seems to have made a bit of difference. Imagine if it was 3 weeks to a month earlier.

Hopefully that does not happen ....

The Blue Jays are once again at the door and MLB baseball can go as far as 5th of November ? ....

If you want the golden goose and exposure that you seek it cannot fall at the same time as major brands showcase event .....

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The season should end the final Sunday of November and leave it at that.

TSN is not pushing for a April start (not sure where that rumor started).

NFL cuts are key to the run for the championship.

Surprisingly good weather for that December Grey Cup last year.

For those who were there, how was the weather?

It was really cold out West.

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I am sure it was.

Had to take my kids for their field lacrosse game that day (6pm start)

It did get cold by 7.

Farhan pushed for an April start during XFL talks.

I'm sure Jon appreciated you comparing BC to Winnipeg in regards to weather :rofl:

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It has been starting the same time for the last 5 years
2018 started 1 week earlier to allow for 3 bye weeks

First preseason game

2016 Wed June 8 2 Bye weeks
2017 Thur June 6 2 Bye weeks
2018 Sun May 27 Start of 3 bye weeks
2019 Sun May 26
2020 Sun May 24 Origional Schedule
2021 Thur Aug 5th Covid late start
2022 Fri May 27
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Temperature wasn’t bad. It was more windy than anything on the field. I’ll take that over a cold drizzle any day. Then again mid-December could have just as easily been a blizzard.

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True enough.

Blizzards can be awesome! If an o lineman goes down, just pile up a snowbank and make the D go around it! :rofl:

Still remember Flutie saying the refs made that huge error with the fumble and then also gave them a unearned spot of the ball for a first down in the snow at the Hamilton Grey Cup .

Now That's on the refs the snowy weather was kinda cool that game with the shoe string catch made by the Eskimo player -Eddie Brown mid stride ... etc...

making that game pretty interesting and entertaining to watch .

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Windy. Very windy, but not so cold though.

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Remember that ‘96 game very well also. Another one that actually wasn’t that cold, probably just below freezing, but enough to get some really wet packing snow. Crazy crazy game and high scoring to boot considering the conditions.