The E Street Band

I always like it when journalists just write whatever name pops into their heads, rather than glance down at an actual roster sheet.

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Blue Bombers middle linebacker Barrin Simpson suffered a torn pectoral tendon as the result of an aggressive tackle on Lions receiver Clarence Clemons in B.C. last Friday.
Perhaps he meant Clarence Coleman

Clemons is certainly big enough to play middle linebacker, but I think his football days are long over. Looking forward to hearing what coleman can do on the sax. lol

Can Springsteen play defence?

None of the boys are young enough
to play football anymore but

Max Weinberg should be able to work
the sidelines and handle the 'sticks.'

Ta da dum. :oops: :smiley:

I guess if Bruce did put together a team and based them out of New Jersey, one could say that they would be 'Born to Run' the football.


Cheque please!

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