The Dunnigan award for "Most annoying ad during the game"

"The Dunnigan"...admit it, it sounds like a trophy.

So, a while back we complained about the Future Shop ad featuring KJ and Lumsden. It got pulled shortly after that. Now, it has been replaced with a whole plethora of other, equally, annoying ads. So, which one gets your vote for "Most annoying ad during a football game?"

I swear that they played the Scotiabank ad with Iginla and Sittler during every stoppage in play on Saturday. The Wendy's chicken sandwich ad featuring the LSD-inspired talking bag (did I just call Wendy a bag?) was also played too many times.

Which ad would you be glad to never see again during a football game, and why?

(Note: ads for another sports team, CFL or otherwise, do not count. Otherwise the Maple Laffs would win hands down.)

Hey! those Maple Laffs are doin' pretty darn good thus far

I hate the ad with the train on the field like wtf?

The other waramps(did i spell that right?) ads I don't mind but that one I hate

The train ad is especially annoying because it's so stupid. The chain breaks where it comes into one and that's supposed to prove how strong the the frame is? Truck frames are supposed to be able to pull several tons of weight, which is a lot more pressure than some flimsy chains. You could hook those chains to a Chevette on the other side of the poles and the chains would still break I imagine. All that work to come up with some CGI that proves nothing.

Glad they pulled the KJ/Lumsden ads. Kerry Joseph has about as much personality as a lamp post. It's all me baby!

The Wendy's ad does get annoying but at least I do like those sandwiches so ... not so bad for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know I diss those Wendy's ads (cuz I've seen it too much) but honestly both of those deliciously dipped all white chicken breasts sandwiches look amazing. The subtle but succulent differences between both. The BBQ with the mayo pickle and onion and the Buffalo with the ranch lettuce and tomato...

This was not a paid advertisement
But im semi-drunk and you owe me Wendy's, pm me for home address

I hate the commercials that run on the TSN internet games-on-demand; we either get Wendys or out-dated highlite reels. Why can't they make new ones??? Why am I seeing them advertise their product (CFL games) with Joseph in a Sask. uniform, Robert Edwards in Mtl., John Avery in Toronto, Beorigter in Calgary....If you want to go throw-back then give me Peter Dalla Riva and Tony Gabriel, yet these reels are clearly not intended to stoke nostalgia but are last years' material. Real professional TSN.

The Coors Light commercial about the label changing colour to certify that your beer is cold is getting very old. The Gisbons one is too.

That Coors commercial wasn't even funny when it first came out... :?

Any car comercial. Hate them so much.

Actually, I found the script-writing hilarious in that commercial when it first came out; however, after the first sixteen thousand times it ran, it lost its appeal.

I hate that truck commercial that has all the squres that show inside the truck. Know what i mean?

they need a bigger variety of commercials..

that is one thing about the CFL on TSN is they have a small range of commercials they replay over and over

I don't remember if this one plays during the games...I don't think it does, but it annoys me nonetheless...

"Now you see me. Now, you don't! Now you see me. And Now, you don't!"

Hey as.shole. If you ever stand in front of my car, I'm going to claim that I didn't see you. Your a$$ is grass.

Also those Ramada ones are getting pretty old. "Do you thang! Do what you wanna do!"

Is someone actually getting paid to dream up these commercials ? .... what a waste of money. I find most of them annoying because they are silly, and not really funny and are repeated way too much. As far as the auto commercials go, just take a current look at the auto industry..... need I say any more ? :thdn:

I liked the Holiday Inn commericials, but now even those are getting annoying..

Does one of the Holiday Inn commercials end like this...

Guy: Hey, I don't need to have a hot breakfast to have a good time.
Girl: Yeah, but you're more fun when you do.

Now that commercial cracks me up... :lol:

Those Holiday Inn ones are funny. Even after all those playings.

"How come you don't have a mullet?" Hah!