The dumbest predictions I have ever read.....

Ok I'll start off by saying, picking these teams to win isn't the dumb part, it's his reason behind them that is dumb.
Where the hell did the CFL web masters find this guy? I seriously think one of us could do better then this clown. Like I thought Dunigans picks made no sense, but this guys takes the cake.
I put in bold some of the stupid stuff he said this week. (Down Below)
First off, he states that it is unfortunate the game isn't in the Nation's Capital and then doesn't explain why? Is it the fact if the game was played in Ottawa that the Montreal fans would fill in the extra 7,000 empty seats? Or is he simply stating Ottawa is a better place to play then Montreal, because if that is the case he is sadly mistaken.

In the Winnipeg Saskatchewan he states right near the end on how well the Bombers O has been playing and that Kevin Glenn has been terrific. The next exact setence reads Look for the Roughriders to sneak out a victory. Now I know this may strike you as a dumb complant but if you refer to yourself as a professional writing, you probably should of have the presence of mind to maybe put the Pro-Winnipeg comments at the beginning, and leave the pro-Saskatchewan comments till the end.

In the Edmonton/Calgary preview, I decided to put the whole paragraph in bold letters because it appears to have been writen by a Stamps fan. It does not say anything about the Eskimos having the number one D in the CFL, and everything about the Calgary O and the weapons they have on it.

Finally the Argo-Ti-cat preview cracked me up. He goes on in the Winnipeg/SSK preview that the Winnipeg Secondary is weak. Well then why is he now saying McManus looked suburb. Don't get me wrong, I like Danny and am happy to see him do well, but how does the Argo secondary even compare with the Bomber secondary? Who's to say Danny after the rough season he has had, and lit it up against the worst secondary in the CFL, is now going to turn around and do the same thing again. I'm not saying the Ti-cats don't have a hope in hell, but the only way their going to win, is if McManus plays like the Danny of 1998, and the Argo's D plays like they did in the 1960's.

I'm not just bitching because he picked Hamilton to win, I'm bringing this up because every article he writes for this website, sounds like an 11 year old amateur wrote it. Seriously though, where the hell did they find this guy?


Monday, August 29, 2005 - 10:37AM

Ottawa vs. Montreal. Too bad this game wasn’t in the Nation’s Capital. This is a huge game for both teams. If Ottawa can win this game, not only would they go two games up on the Alouettes for second place in the East they would also win the season series versus them. Ottawa will be rested from their bye week and there is a chance that fans will see 45-year old Hank Ilesic punting the ball for the Renegades because of an injury to Pat Fleming. Don Matthews gambled on two third down plays for the Als versus the Eskimos and both failed. It wound up costing his team ten points. I wonder if the ‘Don’ could be wearing out his welcome in Montreal? Look for the Alouettes to win this crucial Eastern Division game.

Winnipeg versus Saskatchewan. This game is already sold out. Just like the above game this one is crucial for both teams playoff chances. The Roughriders defence looked outstanding against the Lions until their late fourth quarter collapse while Troy Westwood cost his team a win against the Tiger-Cats last Friday night with two missed field goals. He obviously needs to kick better. Winnipeg has some serious issues with their secondary. Look for them to take a good look at former Ti-Cat Dedric Mathis and possibly ex-Roughrider Santino Hall or possible NFL cuts that will happen on August 30th. The Blue Bomber offence has been outstanding the past three weeks. Kevin Glenn has been terrific. Look for the Roughriders to sneak out a win.

Edmonton versus Calgary. Calgary needs this win bad and I think they will achieve that. The team and the fans will be jacked for this one. A win would put the Stampeders two points behind the second place Eskimos. If Henry Burris and company hold onto the ball I believe they will come out on top. Joffrey Reynolds needs to carry the rock on more occasions. William Loftus filled in admirably for the injured Kelly Wiltshire last Friday night. Wiltshire banged up his shoulder after a vicious hit on Terry Vaughn. Knowing Wiltshire’s toughness, he will play if possible on Monday. Look for Calgary to upset the Eskimos.

Toronto versus Hamilton. Congratulations to the entire Hamilton organization for their victory last Friday night. Boy, did they need that. Imagine if they could make it two in a row over the much-despised Toronto Argonauts? I truly believe this will happen. Danny McManus looked superb versus the Blue Bombers. Craig Yeast came out of a yearlong funk to provide the Tabbies with a spark they really needed. Non-import receiver J.F. Tremblay has looked good for the Argos the past two weeks and that affords the club to play import Dave Costa on the offensive line. This will be a real humdinger. Hamilton will score the big upset of the Labour Day weekend.


Maybe he's a relative of Marty York's and has the same reliable sources.....

First off why would Stamps feel any otehr way then jacked for this game. It has not changed since they brought the labor day classic the battle of Alberta.

I agree take the writer out in the back yard and bury him.

I wasn't really questioning the Stamps motive for this game. I picked them to win. I just made the whole paragraph bold to get my point across. :lol:

who is this...dave on TSN???

I'm not sure. He's under the headline "Playmaker" the CFL's Front Page.

The Als, Riders, Stamps and Cats. On the surface his picks look pretty rational, except maybe the Cats, but his reasoning is kinda all over the map, he might as well said he tossed a coin.

This guy has never really been that good. I have been reading him for the past year and a bit, and a lot of the times it really does not seem like he knows what he is talking about. And his writing style and delivery have never been good.
but hey I probably couldn't do any better.

I would like to know who he is though

Well, the predictions aren't necessarily bad, but I agree the reasoning stinks.

Not one comment about the Eskimos at all, except for Wiltshire's injury...

meh, eskimos are gonna take this one easily, not even worth discussing

You were not the writer were you argochamps at least I hope not ha ha ha