The Drum Line

Who is responsible for the "drum line" that's in the north-east stands? I think they are fantastic. I'm not so sure that the people around them like them very much but it really gets you going, much more so than the music. I hope the Ticats are not charging these guys admission. If the people around them complain too much, they could move the drums but please don't tell them that they must stop. They are one of the best additions to the the game time experience in years.

I thought they were wayyyyyyyy to loud and annoying when I was standing on Beachwood Ave. at around 5 o clock yesterday. Kinda ruined that buzz you hear growing outside IWS before a game. The drum line drowned out all the sounds of the fans on the street.

My wife works with the organizer of the Drum Team. They are looking getting permission to get down on field level and movre around the stadium. I know they were being used as a test. Not sure if they are going to be permanent. I like them they add nice energy to the stadium :thup:

Four or five years ago Ticat management wouldn’t allow
a small Tiger Cat Pep band access to the stadium

because it was felt that they would interfere with
the programs set up and planned by the Ticats staff

no matter when they decided to strike up the band.

IMO, chances are slim that a drum line
would be accepted inside the stadium

They are many times louder than a pep band.

I was walking under the North side stands
when they passed by the Beechwood gates.

The sound of the drums was extremely loud.

I liked to be greeted by the sound of the Burlington Teen Tour band
in the distance in past years when I approaching the stadium on foot.

Management might go for that if the drum line wanted to do that.

IMO the Drum Line is great, i think we need to get some more of them and spread it around the stadium, they sound awesome.

I too LOVE the drum line! I noticed them in the first game against the Argos and was pleased to see them back again. Heck the Argo-Notes used to come when blue team came ... I LOVE the drums ... tho' they did occasionally keep going a bit long celebrating when the offense was on the field.

I'd LOVE them to move around ... with the team winning like they are .. the drums are a GREAT addition! :smiley:

I don’t mind the drum line. But I think they should be moved to the other side of the stadium.

They are too loud when I’m trying to heckle the other team.

Love the drum line.

Great addition to the atmosphere!

Leave 'em in Coach! :rockin:

I was in Box H infront of the drum line, and while they were a little loud at first, it wasn't too bad after a while. They need to work on the timing a little bit. They mostly played when the defense was on the field. Some times I could not hear what the announcer said while they were playing. I also found it was a little disruptive to typical defensive cheering, because there was no point in making noise while they played, and noise like that is kind of infectious.

I didn't mind them playing, but I'm not sure I want them to play all the time when we are on defense or would like it better if they did move around. I'm not sure how easy it would be too move around during the game as the took up a good hunk of our section. Possibly they could move to different sections each week so we don't have them all the time.

I also think they should play shorter between plays so that fans as a whole can start making noise before a defensive play.

i agree. I was on the field in the west end zone during the second and third quarters. There were times when I wanted to hear what the announcer was saying but it was difficult due to the drums. But it's a minor issue.

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