Eastern Division Semi-Final. Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Montreal Alouettes. November 10, 2013. The first and last CFL playoff game played in Guelph, Ontario. 46km/hr winds, gusting to 66 km/hr, with cold November rain (and even sleet) all afternoon.

Montreal is up 10-6, with 5:38 left to play. They pin Hamilton deep in their own end, at their 13-yard line. Hamilton's offence, in the face of brutal weather and a tough Alouettes defence, has been unable to sustain a drive or score a touchdown all day. And now, nothing less than a 97-yard touchdown drive - against the wind - will save them from elimination.


(5:32) Henry Burris pass to Andy Fantuz for 8 yards to the Ham21. Tackled by Shea Emry.
(5:09) Dan LeFevour rush for 5 yards to the Ham26. Tackled by John Bowman.
(4:36) Henry Burris pass to Greg Ellingson for 10 yards to the Ham36. Tackled by Ed Gainey.
(3:54) Dan LeFevour pass to Brandon Banks for 18 yards to the Ham54. Tackled by Chip Cox.
(3:35) Dan LeFevour incomplete pass intended for C.J. Gable.
(2:54) Henry Burris pass to Greg Ellingson for 10 yards to the Mtl46. Tackled by Billy Parker.
(2:43) Henry Burris incomplete pass intended for Andy Fantuz.
(2:33) Henry Burris pass to Andy Fantuz for 12 yards to the Mtl34. Tackled by Marc-Olivier Brouillette.
(2:27) Henry Burris pass to Samuel Giguere for 10 yards to the Mtl24. Tackled by Ed Gainey.
(2:04) Dan LeFevour rush for 2 yards to the Mtl22. Tackled by Moton Hopkins.
(1:50) Henry Burris pass to Andy Fantuz for 5 yards to the Mtl17. Tackled by Jerald Brown.
b Henry Burris pass to C.J. Gable for 17 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.[/b]


  • 12 plays
  • 10 passes, 2 runs
  • 8 completions on 10 attempts
  • 5 different receivers
  • 6 QB changes (!)
  • 1 missed clutch tackle by Chip Cox
  • 4 minutes, 35 seconds
  • 97 yards
  • 1 touchdown!

Congratulations Tiger-Cats!

One other factoid that I didn't want to include for fear of tarnishing the above post:

  • My level of confidence that we would pull it off when The Drive began: zero (give or take)

(sorry for doubting)

A classic drive pretty good from Henry to say the least in my opinion!

Read this post and then give the game ball to Henry!

Thanks for posting that Pat.

I hope you don't mind, but I shared it on my FB page. I have a lot of friends that are fans of other teams in the CFL.

Great post!

My family watches the game together, and going into the 4th, my dad and brother had no confidence. I was ecstatic that the Ti-Cats proved them wrong (and proved me right - I still had faith in them).

The last quarter and OT made that game quite the thriller. :rockin:

'Grats to Smilin' Hank on that drive - it certainly made me smile. =D

The take from Montreal:

What we do know is this: With the game on the line, the Ticats engineered a 12-play, 97-yard drive — into the wind no less — culminating in a 17-yard touchdown pass from Henry Burris to tailback C.J. Gable. In the process, Gable broke two tackles, by middle-linebacker Shea Emry and safety Marc-Olivier Brouillette.

Burris completed eight of 10 passes on the drive, the longest covering 18 yards, to Brandon Banks. And, in the process, Hamilton took 4:28 of valuable time off the clock.

“We’re disappointed with ourselves,? said Brouillette, a potential free-agent this February. “A 12-play, 90-something yards, into the wind. We’ve got to stop that. It’s not like they came out with anything new. They came out with the same things we were stopping all game, and we don’t manage to stop them.

“Why? It’s hard to say. It all happened so fast on that drive. Missed tackles cost us. It’s hard to explain that last drive. Missed tackles will always kill you. We play a pressure-style defence. Even if guys are left to make tackles and they miss them, we’ve got a pack of boys coming to the ball, too.?

The pass to Gable was low, and yet, he made a play. The veteran Burris, 38, has a losing post-season record and was appearing in the playoffs for the first time since 2011. He wasn’t scintillating, but did complete 23 of 36 attempts, generating 204 yards. It marked the first time in four games this season he surpassed 200 yards against Montreal. It also marked Burris’s first touchdown pass against the Als this season.

“That has been the story of our season: playing good for 59 minutes and just giving up, melting away for the last minute,? rush-end John Bowman said. “They fought through adversity. They fought through the wind, dinking and dunking and scoring at the end.

“They didn’t go deep. They just took five-yard pops … passing for five and getting nine. Going short-yardage and getting it.?


In honour of "The Drive" made yesterday by OUR TICATS, let it be known as "THE HIGHWAY 6 DRIVE" for the ride by all Hamiltonians up to Guelph to witness the incredible stretch drive we made to win that GREAT playoff game.

Oskee Wee Wee! Bring on Toronto!

Love the fact that Fantuz made a big block on Cox (and probably slowed Lavarias as well) to keep Gable free for the endzone. Fantuz was about two yards into the endzone himself when the ball was caught, and ran back 8 or 9 yards to get himself square with Cox.

It was a great drive. The one in OT for the winning TD was awesome too. What a game, what a real CFL playoff game should be.

One thing I've noticed... the folks who routinely dump all over the officials have been curiously silent since the game, after that interference non-call on Montreal's drive for the game tying FG to take it into OT. Without that missed call, we probably would have lost it in regulation. I hope those critics are offering thanks to the officials (I sure am), and I hope they stay silent for a long, long time.

Actually, it kind of evens out in that if you look at the Stala pass play, Fantuz was interfered with enough to not be able to reach the ball. We score then, game over. So in essence, it seems that there were two borderline pass interference plays where the officials chose ( or were instructed) not to make a game changing call on. I would have been thoroughly up in arms if they let the Stala to Fantuz play go uncalled, and then gave the ball to the Als on that pass play to Carter, The theory is to let the teams win or lose on the field and not decide the game for them. I can assure you that if Fantuz had been yanked back harder or the Carter play have been less close, the flags would have flown.

And let there be no doubt as to who starts at QB on the 17th. His initials are Henry Burriss. Lefevour is a great guy to come in occasionally for a different look but this team only goes as far as Burriss can take it. Eventually, Lefevour may be the #1 guy but not yet.

Burriss versus Ray should be a great match-up.

An Argo-Cat fan

:thup: Ex Pat this is post of the year on this here forum. This sums up perfectly the agony and the ecstasy of what it means to be a Ti-cats fan. Beautiful.

I think after watching the first 3 and half quarters, most Cat fans had little or no confidence in the outcome of that drive. Hell, I even saw a few people in my section actually leave the game with about 7 minutes to go. But it was a one possession game and anything can happen in the last few minutes of a CFL game. I think that "The Drive" will long be remembered in Ti-Cat lore.

Right up there with Ozzie's 54 yard kick into the wind at IWS. :cowboy:

Is kick in 1998 was with the wind at his back.

And thankfully (perhaps because Ozzie is now a coach), the team has learned since that time that it is better to pick the hero up on your shoulders than to have several thousand pounds of muscle jump on him at the end of the game.

I agree that this is one of the best threads started on these boards in quite a while.

In part because Expat has articulated what we are all thinking so well, but also because it was truly a remarkable achievement. Talking with some pretty knowledgeable football people after the game, the consensus was that it was possibly the most outstanding single drive in the history of the league.

my bad. :oops: at least it's awesomeness is not in doubt by my poor memory skills. :thup: :thup: a 54 yarder is no gimmee :rockin:

my bad. :oops: at least it's awesomeness is not in doubt by my poor memory skills. :thup: :thup:
I agree. I have said many times, this was my most memorable ticat playoff moment