The Drive: 10th Anniversary

Thanks, but all credit and inspiration for this thread goes to ExPat and the 2013 Hamilton Tiger-Cats. :slightly_smiling_face:


Burris celebrating by pounding the ground in joy after that game is another image I will never forget.


Was at both games but the second half comeback vs TOR in the EF the week after was more memorable. Burris letting veteran Marwan Hage accept the trophy presentation was special.

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I remember these highlights were nowhere to be found on YouTube until this year. Amazing memories.


Oh man, I was so lucky that day to be sitting front row on the goal line directly behind the position of that camera! That is EXACTLY how I remember it!!!


Best thing about that game was a Hamilton fan holding up a sign a few rows away from Rob Ford saying “Our Mayor is Better Than Your Mayor”

Much thanks for the link, GiasoneItaliano.
What a great team performance and, noticeable too, is how professional they all looked, 10 years ago! It was all in the uniform details and how the players dressed, compared to now … collar trim, contrasting numbers trim, a decent sized shoulder logo, a logo under the collar over the player’s name, and double striped pants worn, following league regulations, with legs fully covered, proper length jerseys, and no underwear hanging out.

Congrats to the Montreal fans who are feeling, this morning, as proud and excited as we were, the morning after that one. It would be nice if they respect this line, from the Tim Hortons Field prohibited items list, – Aerosol cans or noise making devices, whistles, musical instruments, powered megaphones and air horns – and their team has a better day, in the Grey Cup, than ours did in '13.


Guelph never had such terrible weather as we did in 2013. Haha. I swear.

I remember that game well, but owning the Argos and the Dome the next week was even better!

Really a great season - thanks for posting!


Earlier that season, in July, it rained so hard I watched the bun from my sausage on a bun disintegrate right before my eyes and become just a sausage in about 10 seconds.
Strange, the things we remember.


That was the first regular season game (against Edmonton) in Guelph and a sign of things to come. Everybody was completely drenched coming out of that stadium after the game mainly because, as I recall, the storm was unexpected so nobody had brought any rain gear to keep dry. I’ve sat through many rainy games but that was the worst.


this is what i remember about Burris


Stuff like this happens …especially in -30 degree weather in enemy territory. We were justvhappy to be there…after a terrible 13 year drought. I prefer to remember Burris when a heavy under dog Ottawa team beat the cocky BLM stamps at BMO. Much like Montreal beating Peggers this year.