The Drive: 10th Anniversary

Today marks the 10th anniversary of that incredible day in Guelph that will forever live on in the hearts of Tiger-Cat fans.

I think many of us could use a break from all the doom, gloom and prognostication that is currently happening. For those that want to relive that glorious moment in the 2013 ESF, I offer to you links to the original thread “The Drive” and the actual game footage.

The Drive was expertly crafted by wordmeister ExPat and perfectly captured the ecstasy of what we all felt in that cold, rainy stadium in Guelph. Indeed, even The Caretaker contributed to the thread by commending ExPat for writing one of the best posts of all-time.

Presenting The Drive: (just click on the red letters)


I was there and wasn’t feeling too confident. What a comeback. Shows what a mobile QB can do to defences.


I miss Dan LeFevour

It was a Tommy Condell masterpiece with what he had to work with and weather conditions.


Now that is funny! We scored 8 points going into the dying minutes of the 4th quarter. A masterpiece. … oh my gosh.

Your loyalty to Condell is epic.


Thanks for the post Krisiun.

Nice to remember that big day. 10 years ago…. unreal.


Manufactured a win in a windstorm with a barely professional QB. Bears mentioning.

Burris is a barely professional QB? He played the majority of the game. Fantuz, Ellingson, Gable, Banks all there too.

I guess if we score 8 points through 3 and a half quarters in challenging weather in 2024 we can call the game a “masterpiece”? :melting_face:

Ahhhh dammit Snugs…. You threw out the bait and I hit it like a big mouth bass! Well done sir! :rofl:

(Unless you were serious then…. ? Really?)


Burris did win league MVP 2 years later.

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We were sitting right at the 15 yard line and the start of The Drive happened pretty much in front of me.

I remember thinking at the time that the Offence couldn’t move the ball for 3 and a half quarters. So the idea of the Cats marching down the field into a wall of wind seemed pretty hopeless. But I guess anything can happen. :wink:

Other notable events that afternoon included the Sean Whyte FG attempt that hit an invisible wall right in front of the goal posts.


That Guelph year had to be the worst in terms of weather I’ve ever experienced. But a great atmosphere at all those games, wouldn’t trade it for anything. When I saw that Whyte field goal hang up in the wind and die it just felt like we were destined to win.


My memory is getting a bit foggy but I think we also got a bit of a break in this game when the refs missed a Pass Interference call right near the end. At the time P.I. wasn’t challengeable. If I recall Jim Popp lobbied during that off-season to make it so that coaches can challenge P.I.


Yes we did catch a break there for sure. Jason Shivers on Duron Carter?

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Nope . Shivers was long gone by 2013 , having last played here in 2011 . I believe if memory serves me correct the DB on that play was Evan McCollough .

Great post Krisiun :+1: :+1: :+1:


The highlight of the 2013 season for me came the next week when we blew out Toronto in their building while Canada was waiting to crown the Argos the East Champs. .

Ricky Ray was inexplicably given the East MOP despite only playing 10 games. Burris threw for 5000 yards that year.

Skydome was full of Cats fans.


I think you’re right Bobo. Just remember jersey #2 on our db.

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They both wore number #2 on their jersey while they were here . Shivers wore it in his last season playing in 2011 and It was definitely 100% McCollough wearing the number #2 on that play that day in 2013. As for the receiver being Carter for the Alouettes ? That part was correct .


Anyone else miss home playoff games?

They just feel different.


Feel robbed.