The dream is gone I... Have become comfortably numb

The dream is gone
I... Have become comfortably numb

I think its worse only because of all the hype in the off-season.

I hear ya.

This team is going backwards:

Heading into Labour Day, team was 4-4 in 2011, 2010, and 2009. In 2008 they were 2-6 and in 2007 they were 1-7. This year, after all the 'big changes' they are 3-5. I think the dream of even a 9-9 record is fading fast.

I dunno... As much as I'm having fun with their current futility, I still think it's early enough to fix these mistakes. The potential is still there, and with no run away team, first place is still possible.

This team, when it plays decently can beat any team in the CFL.

Really, how good did Montreal actually look last night at home. A challenge flag here, a proper call by the ref there, finish a drive or two, and Hamilton wins easily enough.

I'd expect more from a CFL fan ... I mean we are talking about a league where a team can start 0-6 and still win the Championship ...

Speaking specifically to this team ... we all know, with a few plays going a different way this team has 1 or 2 more wins ... the current record is but a snap shot in time - there are still 9 more weeks ...

Regarding Cortez - yeah, the guy has made some questionable decisions, but he is still only 8 games into his first HC gig ... if the organization was willing to give a knob - er, a newb -like Bellefuile 3 friggin' seasons to learn how to coach then Cortez deserves his fair share, too.

Look, 4-5 after Labor Day (that's right - you can take next week's victory to the bank) is not a horrible position to be in ... never mind the East - there isn't a team in the entire league right now that looks unbeatable ... there is a lot of football left to be played - let's keep dreaming while we still can.

For sure, Cortez is still learning how to be a head coach and how to coach in a game. But we could have easily won last night's game and the game before. Agree, it's the CFL and lot's of football to be played yet. I'm very optimistic that this season is going to turn out better than many are expecting right now. Sure, I have blasted Cortez but let's see from here on in.

Whoever said this guy could coach????? Anyone who has been around the CFL for even a few years knows about challenge flags.


Agree with most of what you say.
I think we need until halfway through season 2 before we will have a pretty good idea as to whether the coaching system will be successful or not.
The problem is that the Tiger-Cat management waited much longer to make changes in the case of Charlie and Marcel.
Like you Earl...I am keeping my fingers crossed for George Cortez. I think he will show gradual improvement and by next year we will have more reason for optimism.
I just find it so darned frustrating to see so many new and talented players this year....but no real improvement in the standings.
If we had a defence that made better use of the talent and more flexible approaches instead of sticking with some scheme in Creehan's inexperienced head, I think we would be in better shape at this point in the season.
The offense is putting up enough points on the board so.....c'mon Obie....fix this sad defensive situation!!!!

Anyone who seriously thinks Cortez should be fired, ask yourselves: what available coach out there could do a better job?

The Cats have been burning through coaches the past few years. Marshall, Taffe (sp), Bellefeuille, and now Cortez. That kind of instability is bad for a team. It keeps the franchise in a perpetual state of potential without the ability to realize that potential, because championship teams aren't built in one year. Cortez was going to have growing pains as a HC. We all knew this, even if the reality of it isn't pleasant in the moment. Not knowing when to challenge calls is part of his learning process as a coach. If you can him and bring someone else in, that guy has to start from scratch.

Like it or not, Cortez and Burris are joined at the hip to the fortunes of this team in the immediate future. It's sink or swim with what you've got. The team needs strength along both lines (defensive and offensive), and one good cover DB. That's pretty much what you need to become an elite team.

Start with a couple of good rush ends and you will be surprised how fast thing will turn around

I've only been to ONE GAME this year. I seldom come on here any more. Sometimes it's hard to get my 4 "season's" used. Reason...look above. Look at the record! We need some consistency.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...Greg Marshall should not have been "sacrificed" and the same goes for Bellefeuille.

Avon should have been used sooner.

Stevie Baggs should have been kept.

Cortez needs to accept some help.

I'm pleased we have a great owner and I don't have any problem with the team management and the efforts they have made to improve the teams fortunes...I think we have for the most part a great team of players and a team that can go all the way to the GC...BUT...we need the coaching staff to work together.

"Easily enough"?! The same could be said for the Als had they finished a drive or two in the first half.
To me, it was a good hard played football game and the Als happened to come out on top of this one.

Okay's time to think positive and focus on our successes !

Here goes:

As of today, every Tiger-Cats fan, player, coach, staffer, cheerleader and even our owner have just caught up to Lance Armstrong in Tour De France wins!

Good work all and have a great weekend! ...!!! :wink: :lol:

Too funny deer with the Lance Armstrong analogy. :thup: Well, I guess not too funny in the cycling community but then why should they be exempt from doping scandals and stories any more than any other sport? If it's happens, it happens.

woody, agree, Cortez needs to use the help of others.

My dream is still alive
Who cares what our seasons record is.
Lets make the playoffs and win the Grey Cup, this team can do that!
Offensively and special teams wise we are best in the league.
Defense, not so much, but last game the defense was much better than they have been all year.

And this team for sure as Grover says has a lot of positives. :thup:

Earl, we miss you over on the Als section :wink: