The dream is dead...

Doesn't look like the Colts will go undefeated. :frowning: Oh well. What are you gonna do? :lol:

What annoys me most about this game is once again Indy has a moron for a back-up. I understand that when you have Peyton leading your team, you don't need a good back-up... but it'd be nice to at least have a competent one! :lol: It's so frustrating watching this team come to a screeching halt whenever the back-up steps onto the field.

First Painter fumbled the ball because he held onto it for far too long. It was recovered and returned for a TD. Then he threw a pick because he apparently thought his receiver would catch it even though he was being molested by two defenders. Good job, Painter! :roll: :lol:

Painter threw a good game :wink: :twisted: lots of money bet on that game = nfl craps

The loss is probably more beneficial to the Colts rather than going unbeaten, the Pats suffered only one loss after having a perfect regular season… in the Super Bowl. IMO, its better to get your poor game out of the way now rather than in the playoffs.

Considering that most nfl second stringers get paid more then CFL starters, I find it amusing and refreshing that Painter absolutely stinks! For the money these yahoos get paid (which IMO they don't deserve), a QB like Painter should not be dropping balls and throwing pics while playing on a team that could have gone undefeated! Where did the scouts scrape this guy up from? How did he make it to the nfl? It just proves what I have stated time and time again. Money does NOT buy better talent in any sport! If that was the case...and considering the kind of loot the nfl has, then by that theory, all 32 teams should have a first and second string better then any team on the planet!

Ryan Dinwiddie did a hell of a better job in his first ever start (the Grey Cup) then this Painter hack did against the Jets. Fumbling and throwing pics are mental mistakes that an overpaid backup QB should not be doing on a team that WAS 14-0.

Curtis Painter makes 1.3 million a year

"Curtis Painter makes 1.3 million a year"

You just proved my point.

Man, I honestly can't believe how much flak the Colts are getting. A lot of fans are just being ridiculous. Some are demanding refunds, others are calling for Caldwell's head. I didn't realize going undefeated was so important... this isn't college football. :expressionless:

There was a columnist who made a comment that I agree with. He said it was good to remind the Colts how much it sucks to lose. I think it's a valid point. I don't think this team would've been as motived going into the playoffs if they'd gone 16-0.

For the rest of the season, they're going to have that stingy loss to the Jets hanging over them.

What? are you joking? either that was the worst coaching Ever, or they thru the game(viva lass vegas) a perfect season is the target at hand.Almost on par with Johnson playing over Flutie , _that led to Philips getting Cowboys H.C job :twisted:

it is easier to win a SB than to go 16-0. Lots of teams have won the SB, including the colts, but look at the milage the 72 Dolphins have gotten out of their undefeated season.

How many records do the Colts already have?

Most consecutive seasons with 12 or more wins... 7
Most consecutive regular season wins... 23
Most wins in a decade... 115
Not to mention this is their 8th consecutive trip to the playoffs...

This team already has more records than most. This team is past all that crap. They're more focused on winning a championship right now. Sure, maybe going 16-0 is harder than winning the Super Bowl... but what matters more: Going undefeated, or winning a championship? I'll bet you if the Patriots could trade their 16-0 record for a championship, they'd do it without giving it a second thought. The whole reason people play sports is to win championships.

IMO, a true champion plays all out 100% from beginning to end. As far as I am concerned, in spite of the colts being my number 1 team, if they win the SB now, its tainted.

IN fact, I am now cheering for a chargerseagles SB this yr.

Tainted...? Sounds like someone needs to get a grip. :lol:

tainted, as in, they didntcouldnt win the championship by giving it 100% from beginning to end. They feel they have to “save” themselves for a couple of game and just coast. That to me is not the mark of true champions.

... Yeah, it's a pretty common practice in sports. Just take a look at the Als the last couple seasons as just one example.

The goal of any team in any league should be to win the championship for that league, not go undefeated in the regular season, that means nothing. You do whatever you think is best to win the championship and if that means resting your starters if you think that's best, that's what you do. A fan shouldn't expect anything less IMHO.

I have only one problem with what the Colts did... they did it at home. IMO it was a slap in the face for the 63,000 Colts fans who spent 4+ hours of their time and hard earned money TO WATCH THEIR TEAM WIN!

If they had done the exact same thing on the road, I'd just shrug my shoulders and think that it might be best in the long run.

But when you're playing at home, you should play to win for 60 minutes, and if you're ahead you should run up the score to give your fans a good show. If you're playing on the road, IMO it is ok to take your foot off the gas and you shouldn't ever run up the score.

I think one thing a lot of people forget is the Colts have a lot of injured and banged up players, so taking it easy makes sense. Both Freeney and Mathis haven't played much the last couple weeks. If one or both of those guys get injured, that's a huge blow to the defence. It's better to rest those guys, let 'em get healthy.

its the nfl, all teams best in the world at all times,people put money on it, for the colts to sit all their starters in the early 3rd q, something aint rite,maybe the hc took on manning and his boys. power struggle the h.c will probably lose imho, whatever reason Painter clearly was not up to speed and the h.c . showed lack of concern for the backups safety

There's no rift. All the players support Caldwell's decision. Like Manning said, the coach is the boss, and it's the job of the players to follow the boss's orders.

Edit: BTW, for anyone not aware of Indy's injury situation, take a look at this...

Freeney, Mathis, Johnson, Collie, Lacey... we lose any of those guys, and it's Good Luck! in the playoffs. Not to mention I believe Peyton is a little banged up, as well. It's better to rest these guys up, let 'em get healthy. It makes no sense to wear them our against the Jets or the Bills... especially the Bills, since they've already been eliminated from the playoffs.

they should have played to win against the jets, then rested everyone for the bills game, which they might have still won anyhow.