The Draft.

A gamble on Petrus staying down south, but anyone drafted is a gamble, weren't in desperate need on the line anyway and we will always have his rights - which can be traded, meh, why not ?

Got a highly ranked receiver , Ty Francisco, even after trading down, two high ranked D linemen and another O liner. All the "needs" were pretty much adressed so there's not much to complain about...

But you know there will be.

Love the Forbes pick, Francisco could be the fullback we're looking for. Baillergeon probably won't be ready for TC because he tore his ACL at E-Camp but he could be a guy that competes for a job in 2012. :thup:

Alot of the ticats picks where NCAA Guy will be heading back to school
some are going to get a NFL Shot
To me we need to bring in Guys who compeet this year
Petrus is going to be taken in the NFL Draft for sure if he Stay Healthy
Jean-Mary, Patrick LB will also get a NFL Shot.

I like Picks 2 13 Forbes, Maurice DT Concordia & 6 44 Wagner, Jadon LB Brigham Young

The Rest where Reaches cause don’t know if they be taking in the NFL in 2012.

C Grade

We need Depth at Canadian WR We had a Chance to get one at 5 Iannuzzi, Marco
We Traded down
BC Snaps him up I like BC and Calgarys Drafts the best this year A+

No we don't.
Weakness was at RB and defensive backfield. All addressed or being currently addressed with imports with camp still to go.

Ianuzzi and Cooehorn are on the small side, barely 6 foot.

MB has said since the end of last year the team needs size and Francisco is exactly that and refelects the team's direction. So why the confusion ?

The Key to any good team is being Push at Camp
It pushes players to get better ..

I don't see where we got better today

Will have a camp full of "pushers".
Who needs to be pushed ?
And what current CDN starter on the team needs to be pushed and what player not drafted today could do that ?

Dave Stalla getting old
He still some gas left but have get ready for life with him and Bruce.

This who we have at non Import WR
85 Carter, Matt WR Non-Import 6.01 199 1986-08-02 Acadia
0 Kohlert, Rory WR Non-Import 6.02 182 1988-01-07 Saskatchewan
15 MacKay, Glenn WR Non-Import 5.11 175 1984-08-27 Windsor

only one who could make Impact is Carter if he stays healthy ..

we need a WR Maybe they Look at Peterson now

^ The fact that they didn't take a receiver tells me they're fairly confident Giguere won't make an NFL Roster this season.

Give the man a cyber-cigar!

And as others here have pointed out, there's always Kamau Peterson.

Exactly how many non import receivers do you want then ?
And why are the ones we currently have you dont consider to be "pushing" ?

Exactly how many non import receivers do you want then ?
And why are the ones we currently have you dont consider to be "pushing" ?

It going to be taken to camp By Giants and then be one of last cuts
Then he has to make Adjustment back to CFL that will take a year I see 3rd in East and 7 wins 11 Losses

From the unattended live chat thread.


Tom, the fact that the team didn't have any glarring N/I needs is a testament to good drafting the past few years. Teams in this position have the luxury of gambling with high risk/high return NCAA players.

Rory Kohlert is a unknown
Mackey was practice Team all year not sure he can cut it
He not real fast but catches the ball well

Tells me Obie thought the only exceptional rec. in the first round was Parker and anyone else could be waited for - which is exactly what happened.

I see your point but still prefer to have People who want to play in the CFL then waiting for somepme
We Waited for Sam for awhile same thing happen with Picks we made
I don't like rolling the Dice when could gave one here to compete at camp now

A receiver wouldn’t have contributed that much this year anyway. I’m very comfortable with Carter and Stala this year, with Giguere possibly joining the team late in the year and competing for a spot next year. Don’t forget, he’s played Canadian football before and it doesn’t take a year to learn a playbook. (Assuming the guy is not a complete idiot)

What if Stalla or Carter is hurt or God Forbid Both go down
we have no Depth

I see your point and respect a young man's decision to do everything he can to crack a NFL roster. From personal experience I'm suspect of high performance athletes taking time off (i.e. practice rosters) but if Sam or anyone else can live up to their potential after a prolonged competitive absence then good on them (and us).