The Draft

One last (some would say idoitic) topic. I want to come up with a 4 week pre season for the CFL, but I don't know when the CFL traning camp, CFL or NFL drafts are. Could someone tell me? I'd appearsheate it. :wink:

I'm hoping to make one that starts in late may and ends in mid june, with a team playing 4 out of the 5 teams in it's division radoumly and playing 2 home games and 2 away ones.

I'd said that I wanted two CFL drafts last month, but that was said during the heat of the moment.

nfl's is second last week of april, and the cfls in like the following wednesday.

So if I was to start a traning camp, it would be the frist week of april and last about 2 weeks untill the preseason began. Ok, thanks mate!

OK everyone, how abou this for a 4 week CFL preseason?:

  1. CFL draft on the Last Wednesday of April
  2. Training camp begins after that day and lasts for 2 and a half weeks until preseason. (does training camp begin earlier than the draft?)
    O. Weekend of the last training camp, there can be an All Star game with last seasons All Stars (OPIONAL)
  3. The frist week of the preseason begins second to last week of May (Week 21 of the year) and go on until the beginning of the season (Week 25 of the year, so preseason is from week 21 to 24)
  4. In the preseason, all teams play 4 games (2 at home and 2 away) with 4 of 5 of the teams in their divisions. No byes.

So the football wouldn't be that great, but CFL football is CFL football, well see it earlier in the year and the frist week of the regular season, there will hopefully be less penalties (which is what I trying to prevent).


My head hurts.... :cry:

Why did the CFL stop playing 4 preseason games, didnt the players have something to do with that.......

If there is 5 teams in a division then a team plays all of them in 4 games.

The season is already long enough and adding two more weeks isn't necessary in my opinion. However Danny Barrett has said he would like the preseaon to be longer so he could evaluate players better.

However this is the most plausible idea you've come up with. Too bad you had to ruin it with the all-star stuff.