The Doug Berry/Doug Brown Show Thread

Im sure im not the only one who listens or calls in so post some opinions of yours on the show or whatever. With that being said Ill start.

Were going to sign a DT sometime soon, supposedly hes already commited. Im thinking its Booker who was in training camp but didnt make the team. Also he said that Hebert will play this saturday on special teams and put him in some d packages :slight_smile:.

HAHAHA Ken Peters is on the Spin Zone!?! I hate that guy.

I'm assuming this is a radio show? Is it on CJOB? What time and when? Thanks.
Also who was that kid that really impressed during training camp? Stevie Baggs. I remember taman saying he had the speed of Walls and the enthusiasim of Canada. I thought they kept him on the IR list?

.....Baggs ..and Brooks were seen hanging around Bomber practices for quite awhile ...after the final cuts....i know Childs is on the IR. ...and these other guys are probably just waiting for a call...if needed....they all showed they really wanted to play for this club....unfortunately we can't carry that many players.. :thup:

Stevie Baggs is still on the practice roster although not listed on this site. The thing that I like about Baggs is that he can play both LB and DE the guy is awesome at blitzing around the edges.

The Doug Berry show is normally on Mondays at 7pm CJOB and The Doug Brown show is usually on Thursdays at 7 or 8 although it waas on yesterday after Berrys show. Check the schedule on it will keep you updated.

Thanks Pokeys. I hope we get a chance to see Baggs, he is a bit on the small side for DE, but so is WAlls, and he is no slouch! Also I think Dwight Freeny has proven to the sport that speed at that position kills :thup:

The Berry show should be VERY interesting tonigh :twisted: :cowboy: :x

YAH..i got on the doug brown show!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

for those who listened i was the one that said that jim popp was the guy who guaranteed the victory, and the thing about the ref(i was gunna say somethin else about that ref, but i totally forgot)

so yea..its kinda weird when u get on the air..cuz ur listining to the show on the phone utill you come on, then the phone goes to a different kinda weird

Nice hehe... Brown called you the "information guy" or something after that. Kyries is also on it, kinda cool.

I got on the show 2 weeks ago :slight_smile:.

Special edition of The Football Huddle with Bob Irving is on CJOB in about 5 minutes.

Caller jsut brought up a nice point, FLEA FLICKER on mike echols! Anyone see him get beat bad jumping routes once or twice last week lol.

Nice guys are cute. Like the peanuts :slight_smile:

Seriously Black Jesus deserves it


....miracles happen now and then....whether they are divine providence or not.....i guess you;ll have to ask.........

its now time to call doug brown..white shaq

i think him and stegall shoud do the show together all the time..they were pretty funny