The Don's trick plays

By the way, the Don sure had a lot of fun recently setting up his trick plays. It worked against the Ticats two weeks ago, it worked last week against the Bombers.

The paper said this morning the Als have practiced two new trick plays they intend to use tonight against Hamilton. The Don said they were taylored to exploit your weaknesses.

That sure makes me eager to watch the game (like I needed more reasons!) What will he take out of his hat now? I expect these plays to occur on special teams, as the Don never liked a special team unit like the one he has now.

Ron Lancaster won't be outcoached by the Don like Marshall was, but still... are the Cats ready for the mastermind?

Oh, I'll be watching tonights game like I always do and what we will see is this: a Ronnie Lancaster team that will play very hard and determined but most importantly, play very smart.
Sure, The Don is a mastermind of sorts, I'll agree, but Ronnie Lancaster is up to the challenge Third, not saying we are going to win but don't take us for granted either buddy.

I don't think anyone is taking the Tiger-Cats for granted, especially after last week. I firmly believe that a team is never as good as it looks when it's winning, nor is it as bad as it looks when it's losing. Hamilton could easily be 2-3 right now instead of 1-4. This is going to be a close game, though in the end I have to pick my Als because you guys have injuries and we're pretty hard to beat at home.

Oh, I know! The new trick play will be: instead of always bringing in Nealon for these stupid 1-2 yard hand-offs, theyll make him throw! Umm actually no, on second thought, lets just forget about that.

Who says there has to be trick plays? Just planting the seed in he opposition's mind might throw them off their game, watching for a trick play that never comes while being burned by the normal playbook.

EastSideAlouettes, that would need more than one week of practicing.

Sambo42, that's funny. It could very well be. In fact, when I read the paper this morning, I was wondering why the Don would say out loud that they're practicing trick plays, for these plays usually work better when the other team doesn't expect them. Your explanation could very well be the reason he was discussing that so openly...

Saying out loud you have a couple new trick plays is akin to saying that you've put in a new offensive formation or whatever, every coach in the league probably adds a thing here or a thing there every week as the season progresses.

Hummmm, Never tought of this that way...good comment Sambo :thup:

Trick play one: Throwing Deep

Trick play two: Establishing a running game


Those trick plays would be nice HfxTc... they could even re-use them during the season.

You know everyone always wonder why the Als burn out like a Wallmart candle in the fall...

Its the lack of a reliable running game. Calvillo should not be allowed to call his own plays IMO. Don't be surprised to see Edwards move on at season's end. BC,Edmonton,Saskatchewan,Toronto are all possible destinations.

Don't exagerrate HfxTC. Edwards missed FIVE games last season and he still ran for over 1000 yards. He's not going anywhere.

That's my point. He is a great back who can put up big numbers but is paid like a utility player. You shall see...

That's funny, I could have sworn I saw Eric Lapointe fumble away a direct snap on a punt formation in the last game against the Ticats.

Guess I asked for that one. Tonight Lapointe got a first down on the same trick play.

Excluding that onside punt last week his trick plays are SOOOOOO Predictable! Cant believe Hamilton wasnt even ready for that punt fake montreal does it more than any other team, and Toronto fakes with prefornatine throwing.

So how about Edwards going on a sweep play on 3rd and 1. Did you see that one coming?

Winnipeg almost was succesful on an onside punt last night, almost.