The Don :

First post here, be gentle w/ me:

There was alot of speculation during the off-season that Don Matthews wouldn’t return to the Als for this season. If that same incertainty exists during the next off season, I say the 'Cats should jump in with both feet and get him inot Hamilton.

To take that a step further, have Matthews as the HC and bring back Marshall as the OC, who better to learn the game from (at this level) then the best the ever has been.

I would be shocked if Montreal wasn’t Don Matthews’ final stop. Following them here, the speculationathon you are refering to never reached into the front office of the Als, from what I can detect. He’s made it pretty clear he wants to retire at the end of his current deal to his place out in B.C.

Oski Wee Wee,

On the Marshall as O.C. point: Matthews would pick his offensive coordinator, period. I would suggest that Greg Marshall's offenses in the CIS shed some light as to what he would lean towards as an OC here. Would that be compatible with Matthews? I doubt it. He has always liked the vertical game, particularly spread offenses -- most intensely since his days with Doug Flutie in T.O.

Oski Wee Wee,

A former running back as OC scares me ,unless you get four downs.