The Don Strolls back into Montreal

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Pretty interesting. Kind of anxious to see if anything unfolds.

If there is smoke, there must be a fire.....

Will the "Don" be back in Montreal?

He is a Canadian citizen now.

Oooo he lives in Oregon. I see an autograph hunting road trip in my future :wink:

Popp was on CJAD this morning and said pretty much the same as the article.

Here's hoping the Don comes back to Montreal

les alouettes have alots of talent they just need a coach who knows what to do with it i think don matthews does hope he comes back!! we need coach with attitude

and fires Marcel Icantspellhislastname. :wink:

I think Popp might promote Bellefeuille to head coach... :twisted:

Oh thats bad Sambo, especially comming from a Rider fan!

That would be like me making a comment about Roy Shivers comming back as a special consultant to Eric Tillman! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

...the don would probably be welcomed back with open arms IF he decided to come back...but what was this rumour of him also replacing dancing Danny in edm...if things don't start turning around?????????only the don knows for sure... :roll: :roll:

But not until the Esks pummels the Als this weekend! :smiley:

Maybe Wettenhaul is worried Matthews shows up in Hamilton or in Toronto next season. Hey Wettenahaul rehired big mouth/little... Larry Smith so why is Smith so sure Matthews could not come back? Shows you the substance of the man...

That would actually be hilarious to see.


I'll go e-mail Marty York, Check out his next column! :lol: :lol: :lol: