The "Don" Matthews fired according to Herb Z?

Have you guys read his latest story in the Gazette and on this site? I am talking about the "Strasser being hired by Portland State" news story by Herb Zurkowsky.

Here is a passage from that article:

Kevin Strasser, fired by the Als as offensive coordinator following their Grey Cup loss, has been hired to coach wide receivers at Portland State, a Division 1-AA school in Oregon. And Strasser can thank Matthews, himself fired as Montreal's head coach last October, for the appointment, announced last Friday.

He again mentions that Matthews was fired! Although, the Als, and especially Larry Smith have gone on record numerous times saying he was not fired (he left for health reasons).

Does Herb really know what happened (remember that two weeks before Matthews leaving he said the Als tried to lure Barker from the Stamps...), or is he just being good ole Herb? Herb did work for the former Gazette editor Larry Smith.
What do you think?

It's a slow off-season and Herb's trying to earn a paycheck !

I don't care if Matthews was fired, release, left on his own...he's done and we are now in the Popp era...

With his track record, you can't deny what the "DON" has done in this league and I do respect him a lot for that !