The Don makes a killer statement...

« Ted White will be our official back-up no matter what. The position battle between QBs are for the third spot. »
- Don Matthews, yesterday

« AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrghhhhh!!! »
- Me, today

« Heeheeheehaahaahaahaaheeheehee »

  • Unconfirmed western pundit, today

I hate that about Matthews, when he makes up his mind on something, he stubbornly refuses to even consider changing it. One good sign is that White lost 15 pounds over the winter. And when White has played (not counting the East final) he has a very good completion percentage.

Another stubborn Matthews statement- because Curry was 2 days late for training camp, Matthews says Malveaux is now the starting corner and it’s Malveaux’s job to lose!

Just keep Cavillo healthy and you’ll be okay!

2 things can come of this

  1. The so called 3rd stringers will push themselves harded to prove him wrong
  2. They will figure they have no change and give up trying.

I hope its the first

I agree that the coach’s stubborness is becoming bothersome…it may well backfire which would be a shame. Malveaux on the corner does not exactly thrill me, especially with the excellent play Curry gave us last year.

I know Matthews has been a great coach; he certainly has the record to prove it. But consider his recent bonehead mistakes: Benching the starting corners in the Grey Cup and playing a raw rookie (Brandon Williams) and a guy who is just too slow to play corner (DJ Johnson); result? we lose.

Then last year’s East final…down goes Calvillo, in comes an inexperienced White with little actual playing time under his belt, and he lets him call his own plays??? And why oh why did he keep throwing the ball (usually inaccurately…sure he’s got a great arm but so what, so does Michael Bishop but both White and Bishop must be colour blind because they can’t seem to throw the ball to guys wearing their colour jerseys). We all knew that great Argo defence was a bit weak against the run, why didn’t we give the ball to Lewis and Lapointe?

All of that makes me question if time has passed the great coach by and maybe Popp should be looking at alternatives…

Have some faith in the guy saying that Malveaux has the job to lose makes sense. If he had said that Curry would have the starting job the rest of the team would be really pissed off the guy showed up two days late because he “missed his flight” (which is very strange because the date and time are printed on the ticket ) the rest of the team showed up on time and worked hard and missing two days of training camp puts a guy quite a bit behind. Now what he’s done is lit a fire under Curry’s @ss . Thanks to that comment Curry said he plans to work overtime to make the roster and hopes to get an extension the effort and drive would not have been there if he was given the spot.

White I still believe can be effective just give him a smaller playbook to work with and have him work on his running and he could be effective. Last year was his first year at number 2 and probably didnt know the receivers well at all this year he should be better already having thrown to these guys before. Even Calvillo needs time to adjust to receivers and it usually takes a season so Id imagine white will be more effective this year

So the dude’s down to eight meals a day? When you’re that fat you can lose 15 pounds by increasing your heart rate by…one.

White may be fat and slow
but he still made it to the CFl.
That more than any of us can say