The Don knows what he's doing... right?

Fresh of a thight loss to the Stampeders, Don Matthews announced what's his plan to make the Als better this week, when they will be playing an hungry Edmonton squad in Edmonton. It is a thorough plan in three steps that will indubitably make the Alouettes invincible. This plan is so perfect that not even the finest football expert could point any flaw in it:

  1. Marc Megna, known as the ignition key of the Alouettes' defence, will not be dressed. The starting RE will be Mawuko Tugbenyoh, who has yet to succesfully tackle someone this year, or to understand what to do when facing a run-play. The goal of this tactic is to confuse the Eskimos, who should spend at least 45 minutes wondering where is Megna. Of course, the Don could have kept Megna as a back-up, but he figured out the Eskimos would be even more confused to see Megna in the stands.

  2. John Nix, the recently discovered powerhouse DT, will join Megna in the stands. The Don decided it was more important to use Nix's good vision to try to steal the Eskimos signals, than to use his ability to push back two o-linemen at once. Smart move. He will be replaced on the field by the ex-Stampeders garbage-player Clay Robertson.

  3. The Don "fixed" the only unit well-working (the offence), by ousting an experienced WR to let Robert Edwards' young brother have a shot at the CFL. As everybody knows, rookies do very well when facing the Eskimos. And who cares if the young lad is inexperienced. He's got a winning name.

Perfect plan.

But anyways, I couldn't care less, because... GO ARRRRRGOS !!!

maybe the Don is slowly paving his way for a huge turn-around or.... maybe a hasty exit.....I would say Al's fans should be a little concerned...but knowing the Don he might pull a rabbit out of the hat yet ...this guy is one 'cagey customer'.....

I dunno, there comes a time when a guy is just finished. Maybe he's done?

lol... he's done matthews...

Sounds like youre a little fed up, third. I think the players have
just about had their fill of Don. Dude has a short, shelf life.

How longs he been there?

Three seasons and 8 games.

Some days, I just love that big otter. Some days, I just wish a player would roll over his ass with that golfcart of his.

I don't say the struggling is his fault, but he's often making decisions based on his personnal relationship with players. Like when told Popp not to make any offer to Barron Miles so he would leave. Or like when he just refused to play Curry for the first five games of the season. And now, benching Megna looks like this too.

At least he's got personality...

T & T, they crucified Jesus too.

[quote="Third_And_Ten"][color=darkred]Three seasons and 8 games.

Some days, I just love that big otter. Some days, I just wish a player would roll over his ass with that golfcart of his.

lol lol

I don't think you got a big enough golfcart

and people say that Rough Rider fans are fickle.
3rd you guys have been at the Very top of the league for the past 4 seasons or more. Relax. when you get into the depression we are in, then you can start.

"go argos" blasphamous