The Don is Done!

Just recieved a press release stating that Don Matthews has stepped down as Head Coach of the Montreal Alouettes due to health concerns. The Score has also made this announcement to substantiate the news.

I think the health issue was starvation because Don could not afford to buy groceries if the team quit paying him for his services.

Let's go ALs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wish it had have been about 2-3 years ago.

SonnyWade Mathews has been our best since the Al's returned in '96. IMO if it hadnt been for Mathews I think the would have folded again. I dont understand all you people that have it out for Mathews.

Yeah, I don't understand the Matthews hatred either. One Grey Cup and two Grey Cup final appearances in four seasons as head coach? Not too shabby. What other CFL head coach has done as much with the same team in the last four seasons?

Here's hoping you get well soon, Don. Thanks for bringing the championship swagger back to Montreal.

Love him or dislike him "The Don" has been one of if not the best coach of his era. Certainly has the most wins. Hopefully he can get some help with his health and maybe coach a few more years. He could probably make Ottawa competetive in a hurry, he has that touch.

Well, so now let the speculation begin as to who his ultimate replacement will be....Jim Popp will finish the season but I don't see him wanting to coach next year.

I agree that signing the DOn in Montreal was the best thing that ever happened to the ALs.

I don't understand either why people dont like him. He brought the cup back to Mtl after 25 years and the Als were a winning team with him.

I wish him the best

I think it's sad when a man is so ill that he can't finish the season. I like The Don. With The Cats out of the race, I hope the Als come together and win this thing. Keep the Cup in the East! Don gave them the tools to do it. Go Als... show 'em what you're made of.

If you ask me i think AC should have been the one to "step down". Thats probably whats causing Don to be sick. AC has sucked since J palmer came to town. Kinda like what happens when you bring home a puppy and your old dog thinks you're replacing him.

The Don was and still is the most entertaining coach of all time in the CFL. I am glad we had him at the helm of the birds these last few years. At times, I cursed against some of his decisions, but nonetheless, I was always eagered to see what new trick he'd come up with the next week.

If he ever comes back to coaching, I hope it'll be with us again.

Take care Don !

Its the end of an era in Montreal for sure. We probably will see Eric Lapointe also retire at year's end. With the departure of Desjardins and Matthews. What's left of the organization while possibly still very qualified has lost a lot of its magic. It will be interesting to see where they go as an organization.

I am very interested to see if the stadium still sells out once Montreal goes through the inevitable 4-14 season at some point.

What are you talking about?

Palmer signed with Mtl on Sept 11th. Since then the Als have played BC once and Wpg twice with a 1-2 record. Saying that signing Palmer affected AC is just nuts