Just saw the highlights of the game this morning. For the first 30 minutes, the game was slow and then picked up and again another loss to us non viewers. Anyway back and forth in the 4th quarter, with the Als scoring a TD with less then a minute to go making the ascore 27-26 BC. With the convert due and surely the game goes into exciting OT, but no The Don wants to win it in regulation time and goes for 2 points. AC throws deep into the endzone and Cahoon couldnt make the grab. Even if he had, a pass interference penalty would have been called on him. I like the call, with the old saying on the road you go for the win. But, they could have tied it and go into OT with a chance to win. What does everyone think?

Not a great call, but not a horrible call in my opinion. If he had made it Lions, would've still had a bit under 50 seconds to get a field goal. For me, I would've taken the convert and left it up to my defense and then took my chances in overtime. You have to have more confidence in your team than that. Plus, momentum was surely on their side. Regardless, I'm happy with the call because LIONS WIN!

I like the call
No guts
No glory.
Wally did the same thing when he was with Calgary. He said he was there to win

I really can't believe he did that. Wasn't Don supposed to be the model for all CFL coaches? I'm not going to say it cost them the game because they could have lost later with a FG anyways. The thing I'm really mad about is that I wasn't able to see the game.

I saw it and I gotta say
If you complain about TSN dont watch RDS its horrible.
The comentators did not even mention there was a penality let alone show the ref ao at least hear him. They would go to a comercial and when they game back the ball was in a different place.

I ended up swithing to CJAD radio for the commentary.
Also CJAD would be back and they would still show 2-3 comercials on RDS

I think the play was gutsy for Dons part...

I actually like it...

And itz obvious: That play cost the Als the game...

Maybe maybe not
DD still had 50 seconds and is notorious for marching the ball down the field to get with in field goal range.
It did it to us in their final meeting last year
We will never know

I think it was a terrible call........and I picked MONTREAL, to win.Even thought MONTREAL losing is good for the ARGOS......MONTREAL ,are in a play off hunt and a win for them was really important at this point.DON , gambled and MONTREAL, lost.

With OTTAWA also losing , as well.......the ARGOS are still 4 points ahead of both teams and lose nothing during their by week.

Even though Argos are obviously my team, I still think it will come down to the last game in Montreal before a big crowd in the dome to settle first place.
Its too bad the Gades took themselves out of the running with the loss to the Peg.

The rowdy and loud crowd of 36,066 seems to have played a factor in the Don's wacky two point convert:

''I was trying to win the game,'' said Montreal coach Don Matthews, whose club hasn't beaten the Lions since Aug. 21, 2000.

''It was very difficult to play offence with the crowd (noise). One play from the five yard line with that much time left, I thought we could get the two points. I thought that was a better chance.

Maybe, but check out the points for each team...EAST and WEST......and the cross over.

I didn't see the game because TSN sucks, but from what I hear it was a stupid call. Had they made the convert it would have been a genius call. However, 2 situations arise. 1, they take one point and try to stop the 50 second march against a team that would be a lot happier going into OT than risking an interception return for a TD. 2, They make the two point convert and DD has nothing to lose by throwing the risky ball because either he gets them there or they lose. Personally I would rather take momentum into OT and face a more sombre DD in the dying 50 seconds. Personal opinion, but then again I am not the CFL's winningest coach..... I am not even a football coach period..... unless you count me yelling my opinion at the TV.

Go Riders!!

Obviously Matthews was thinking that there was still 45 seconds on the clock or so, plenty of time for Dickenson to make a completion and kick at least a single to win it. Matthews went for the win.
Remember the Als lost a game or 2 to Ottawa and someone else, earlier this year on the last play of the game with about the same amount of time left.
I think BC would of gotten the point with that amount of time left and I support the Call!!!!!!!

Well I guess the bottom line is that every unsuccessful play is a stupid call

What about the crossover? If the season were over right now there would be no crossover

look at the points in both the EAST and the WEST.........and the season doesn't , end now.MONTREAL, didn't gain any ground on the ARGOS.....and some western teams are tied with MONTREAL point wise........2 points could mean the difference between making the play offs or not.

In my opinion.......DON , gambled with the whole season for , MONTREAL.

If this game went to OT and it was tied.........they still could have gotten 1 point ,at least, but we will never know that now.

It appears based on the several threads dealing with "the call" how the tradionalists are in the majority and the risk takers are on the edge/stupid?

For me if this 2 points wasn't that important for MONTREAL....then O.K. , but this game , at this point of the season....I don't get it.

True but the only team in question is Sask. and they are tied with 3rd place Ottawa and a tie wont cut it. They need to have more points to cross over

In my opinion The Als are Back!!!!!!!!! Look out league. The defense is getting it together, the pass rush is back. The offense is just finally all healthy. Lasdt night Montreal had more first downs, more rushing yards,more passing yards. They lost because they fumbled 4 times and lost the ball and had 18 penalties. Other than that,they win that game.
Anyway I am quite optomistic about the Als for the rest of the season and the Playoffs!

I know........but lets hope these 2 points don't bit MONTREAL in the butt, later. And you should hope that SASK.....loses today.