The "domino" effect of the Argos-Elks rescheduling

You'll recall, when the Argos-Elks game was rescheduled, the CFL included this cryptic statement:

Another organization, which previously had a hold on BMO Field for that date, agreed to relinquish it if accommodated elsewhere. That contributed to a “domino effect”

Who was this organization? And why did that make Edmonton and Saskatchewan have to swap the home field for their two games?

Well, now it is clear. The "other organization" was Soccer Canada.

On November 12, Canada's Men's National soccer team will play its World Cup Qualifying match against Costa Rica at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. And it will play Mexico at Commonwealth on November 16th

So moving the WCQ game from Toronto to Edmonton allowed the Nov. 16th date to open up in Toronto. But it also meant the Edmonton Home game on November 13th also had to move.

I hope this works out well for Team Canada. I'm really hoping for sub-zero temperatures at Commonwealth greets Costa Rica and Mexico. A little snow wouldn't hurt either! I get that there are ex-pat Mexicans and Costa Ricans all throughout Canada, but I'm hoping a large contingent in Edmonton will be cheering on the home side.