The DLine

Congratulations to the DLine for a great game in B.C.

So now that McIntyre is due back from injury and the newly signed Baggs will be ready to go for Saturday's game, what changes are to be made?

Sit Bolden?

Carry two backups?

Kirk and Reid are NIPs.


Move McIntyre full time to the offence, while keeping him as a backup DL?

Please God NO! It was nice seeing him in for a few plays, but he is a beast on D and that's where he should stay. How many times have we tried to move guys around and had it blow up in our faces??

I was quite impressed by the Dline as well and can't wait to see how good they will be with the return of McIntyre and the addition of Baggs. I think Bolden had a good game as well so it is going to be a tough decision. It's a good spot to be in though.

Ends: Hickman and Baggs
Inside: McIntyre and Kirk

Rotate Gibbs, Bolden and Reid in.

Gibbs went and muddied the water buy playing a good game and showing some talent. maybe he could play in the middle. Nice problem to have.

Seven DLinemen? That means two other guys have to sit: receivers, linebackers, qbs. Who would that be?

What if they put a NIP in McDaniel’s spot? If Carter is healthy he could do the job or move Brown up there. Both have caught everything thrown at them and could open more field for the primary receivers.

I know what you mean. He is amazing on the rush. But will he be as effective from the inside, assuming Hickman and Baggs on the ends? (Now, on a stunt, he could be deadly. Hmmmm....)

Personally, I'd rather we sign a real fullback that we would actually use in the backfield to complement Cobb. Someone to plow through the line against some of the tougher run defences for short to medium yardage. The coaching staff so far don't seem to trust the ones we have to do this, and this limits our options on medium yardage. So in the meantime, maybe we try him at FB on occasion?

In passing situations we're going to have McIntyre, Hickman, Baggs and Kirk/Bolden all rushing the passer.

That's quite the combo right there.

Make the team sack leader a backup? Wow!

Shouldn't you be a coach? :roll:

Or they could make one of the other star d-liners a backup without the chance of using him somewhere else. :expressionless:

Actually, like others, I see them moving him to the inside, and going with a lot of stunts to allow him to switch off with the ends on the rush. I just suggested using him as a fullback as another option to keep him as a starter. I do see them doing this a bit more now that they have better depth in rushers - unless they actually commit to using a full-time fullback and sign one that they will use.

I guess you guys miss details when you watch games. McIntyre has been used at DT on and off since 2009.

I'm fine with using McIntyre at FB in some situations, like on short yardage, as I think we have before. But full-time on offence? No. We are going to leave our sack leader where he is.

But I do understand that need for a fullback. Brown hasn't done much to impress, and that's likely the reason he hasn't been utilized a lot. I know I was unimpressed with him on Saturday when he looked more like a matador than a fullback (as JerkFaceLoser said in the game thread) on the play starting at 2:49 here:

Anyway, the D line stays the way it is, just with Baggs taking the place of Long. That is all.

Probably the wise move; he's got great speed and tracks the QB incredibly well.

I think he's only been used a few times in a true fullback position, and never carried the ball from there. And he didn't seem to have the ability to move people ahead of Cobb, so I suspect he wouldn't get very far if he were called on.

Oh, that was horrible. That is one reason why I like Cobb, even if his numbers aren't always the best. He is a surprisingly good blocker.

So where is Fournier in all this? He may be a bit smaller than Brown, but at least he played fullback in college. Why have we not seen him in there at all?

You're probably right. Just don't be surprised if McIntyre goes in on occasion on 2nd and 4. Having depth on the line could open that up as an option.

Those were some good points you made there, CFO, and I thought you might bring up Fournier. I figure a reason Brown is ahead of Fournier on the depth chart is because Brown has been in this league for a longer period of time. But I would have to think that Fournier would be ahead of McIntyre on the depth chart where fullbacks are listed.

That was a good point about how Cobb can block.

Maybe Obie drafting fullbacks with our first picks in the last two years wasn’t a bad idea. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a good FB.

Because he is a slotback

If Fournier is ahead of McIntyre for fullbacks, why hasn't he seen one rep there, whereas McIntyre has been in a number of times, and even carried the ball once? My guess is it comes down to size. Fournier, 230 lbs; McIntyre, 270 lbs. On short yardage, McIntyre should be able to help move the d-line back a bit, something we saw Brown (251 lbs) have trouble doing at the beginning of the year.

Unfortunately, I don't think our OC has thought of using a fullback all year, other than on 2nd/3rd and inches. Do we even have any plays in the book for a two back set on medium yardage? (Déja vu - I'm sure I've said this exact thing somewhere before.)

Of course, we've gone totally off-topic here....

Brown is listed as a fullback on the roster and has been consistently listed as one on the depth chart, and so expect him to do what a fullback should do. And I also think McIntyre may have been used more than Fournier in short yardage situations because of his size.

And to get this back on topic, Drew posted this earlier today:

Stevie Baggs is also at his first practice as a Ticat. He looks to be in a rotation at defensive end with Justin Hickman and Garrett McIntyre, who is back at practice after missing last week with an ankle.
[url=] ... ice-2.html[/url]

Brown is listed as a fullback because our braintrust believes they can convert him from his natural position. Would Bauman fare any better? This was their intention from the day they drafted him.

He is had to be converted to FB, as he himself said in this article: ... e-fullback

Darcy Brown knew when he was drafted sixth overall by the Ticats in the 2009 CFL draft that his days of playing receiver were likely over.

“Well I had the idea going in that I wasn’t going to be able to play slot at 250 pounds, so I figured I would be changing positions,? said Brown.

I know we need to be patient with him, but I want to see some improvement from him soon.

I have no problem with Brown, and feel that as he is getting more touches, he's making catches and he's gaining confidence. He is adding another threat to our offence with his size and pass-catching ability. I'm guessing he's a bit of a challenge for the linebackers to cover. He's only going to get better. And I'd love to see him go deep on occasion, a la Tony Gabriel. Anyone know what kind of speed he has? He must have some, given that he played slot in college.

My only issue is in calling him a fullback. Except a couple of times early in the year on short yardage, I have yet to see him line up as a true fullback. I've seen him mostly line up as a tight end, or a step back from the line - "slot end"? So why not just call him what he is - a tight end? Or is that term passé? Are the coaches still teaching him the role of fullback, and once he has learned enough, they'll start to use him there?