The dirty play of Murphy

I only saw the highlights but it looked as though Murphy was up to his old tricks again. I wonder what it will take for the league and CFLPA to realize that the arbitration process needs to be changed so that suspensions are not part of the process? The CFL needs it stars healthy and playing, not sidelined due to a cheap shot or dirty play by another player. There have been a few incidents in the last couple of seasons- lets hope that this situation changes before someone gets parlayzed or killed on the field.

Murphy is a dirty, steroid-freak who needs to be suspended a few games. Buono also needs to be fined for the actions of his players that he continuously condones. Why is it always BC players that are at the center of the dirty play controversy? Because they're dirty players, that's why. Choking a player that you have pinned to the ground, or twisting his neck the way Murphy did to Goss is ridiculous on a football field. What is this, the WWF!? And he didn't even get a penalty for it, the guy that comes in to defend the guy that came in to defend him (Shabazz) gets the penalty. Bush league stuff. Email Higgins, demand they send the Lions a message and deal with these clowns once and for all.

For me, the line gets drawn between active and passive. When a player ends up on top of another player after a block, sure, take your time getting off (passive) but when the player takes measures to ensure they stay on top of the other player (active), that's going too far. That there is an injury at all, never mind the seriousness of it, does not go to the culpability of the act but to the severity of the punishment; i.e. it should be a penalty of rough play or interference, with or without an injury - possibly ejection, further penalty, fines, etc., with an injury.

Okay I agree that Murphy is becoming a dirtier player but enough of the Jimenez bashing. He makes one stupid play last year that hurt another player and nobody lets it go. Yet Berenchia (sp) hits Glenn and could have seriously put him the hospital and people defend him...figure that out

...Jimenez ended a man's career....that's a badge he wears for life....not too hard to figure that one out...

Isn’t it obvious? He doesn’t play for BC. :roll:

Not to mention no one defended AB. I think I was the only one who said he shouldn’t be suspended, but even I admitted it was a late hit and he deserved the 15 yards.

In my mind Chief described the situation perfectly.

I think that Murphy should get a 3 game suspension, but that's just my opinion. Anything less is a joke IMO considering this is not his 1st offense.

That was a brutal play & it deserves appropriate punishment. If Wally whimpers he should be fined as well.

This play was worse than the Barranchea hit (which should have resulted in a suspension, and did result in the league setting tough new standards--hopefully) because at least Barranchea did his actions as part of the play. What Murphy did was not part of the play and was also well after the play, and it is the 3rd time (that I am aware of--odds are there are more) in two years that he has had similar actions, wheras as far as I know, Barranchea does not have a history of that type of play. Also, he compounded the incident by walking up behind Romero later in the game and essentially attacked him after the play....

The problem will be that the "tough" new standards will have as much teeth as the old ones did, which means the league better get fitted for a new set of dentures... :thdn:

Couple facts...

1-CFL's been a goon league for a long time
2- If Murphy was available, every single team would bend backwards to sign him

If (and that's a big if ) the league hands out suspensions both Murphy and Romero will get them. It was Romero that went in and hit Murphy that caused the almost injury.

2 may be true but I am not convinced that every single team would let him carry on with the shady play while on their team - attitude, sure ... direpute to the team, no thank you.

Its true every team would love him and every team would be a better team with him.

Thanks. I forgot to add in that last part to my first post.

If Edmonton ever signed him or traded for him, I'd be more than ticked.

Actually, you are helping tounderscore my point. While the HIV thing may be a bit personal, Sask management used to put up with alot of off-field antics that brought the club into disrepute but no longer do. Another team gets Murphy and they would do well to not put up with his on-field antics where those antics bring his club into disrepute. Behaviour can change if the right pressure is brought to bear. It doesn't have to wait until Murphy is on another team. Wally could bring that pressure to bear without taking away the edge, the attitude, but he doesn't seem to do so. The consequence, like Sask players' off-field antics did to the Riders' reputation, brings down the Lions' reputation. He makes his choices like Sask management (i.e. new management) made theirs.

Dirty what is called "edgy" play by players and coach is endorsed by GM"s and Coaching staff. Gass one of the thwo or three dirtiest players of the last 10 years was named Coach by Maciocia ! Next thing you know we get a replay by one of his linebackers of the exact same technique Gass used in his days in the CFL. (The Gass patented facemask to the neck and chin are).

If Barrnachea had broken Glenn's neck, we would have seen his ugly mug on TSN saying how sorry he was and how he called Glenn in the hospital to appologize....

This behavior is endorsed and even encouraged by some. Very sad and wrong.

All teams have players that do questionable things and many things that are done could easily lead to an injury. No that i went through the video on demand I will share my findings.

  1. Murphy was staying on top of Goss, maybe to keep him out of the play, maybe because he wanted to get Goss riled up, I dont know either do any of you peeps.

  2. Murphy did grab some face mask (unlike Marsh LOL) and turned his head to the side. Definitely shouldnt have grabbed the mask but he certainly wasnt twisting his head off, only to the side which probably isnt going to break any necks at all.

  3. The arms of Goss came up and he wasnt flailing around as though he was in some great pain at this point. Maybe he was trying to push Murphy off, maybe he was trying the alleged Murphy choke hold, maybe he was trying to poke an eye, maybe something else. Maybe Murphy was holding the face mask because of something Goss did or was trying, maybe he just did it to be a jerk. Bottom line is at this point I dont know why these events occurred and neither do any of you.

  4. While Murphy had a hand full of face mask he was knocked over and the face mask of Goss came with him. My guess is that is when the injury was most likely to have occurred as it was a violent jerking of the neck and he wasnt acting as though he was in serious pain prior to that point. I think the best response would have been to grab Murphy's arm that was holding the face mask and not just knock everyone flying. That would have been much better for Goss i think.

So I guess I'll wait for the league to review as they will have the most info. I will not go witch hunting like you guys always do every time something happens. No one here knows exactly what was going on with Goss and Murphy and no one here knows what action or actions caused an injury to Goss at this point. You people are terrible for thinking you are so clever as to know everything based on having only some of the facts available. Its just like the Marsh face mask that eventually lead to beer tossings. How many here said it was clearly a face mask based on a video from afar only to find out it wasnt? How many came back here and said "Im wrong"? thought so lol. Anyway, you people dont know 100% of the facts yet you still condemn Murphy any chance you get. Bunch of haters and thats sad.

Just for you slow people, for me the jury is out and there is not enough evidence for us to convict. If you say there is then grats, you are just an extension of the Marsh face mask brigade. Wait until the league reviews and if it turns out that Murphys actions contributed to the injury then he should be dealt with accordingly.

One more time because I know there is a good chance that someone will come in and spin my words or misunderstand them: It is not 100% clear what caused the injury and I will wait until the league reviews and presents its finding before judging him. If guilty, suspend or fine him or whatever. Just dont convict without all the facts even though a lot of you still will and thats pitiful.

Dont come in and tell me I condone dirty play or players because I dont. If you think that take a reading comprehension course. I dont condone witch hunts.

My comment no longer has context now that the second sentence of Wut's comment has been removed. To put the context back without the unnecessary example, he had made a reference to an off-field activity of a former Rider.

at the end of the day doesnt matter who got ejected or who got penalties.... murphy got nothing??????????? wtf

are the officals afraid of him>>>/????

why was there absolutely nothing done to murphy ?????

way to go esks!!!!!!!!

lions suck!! ha ha ha ha ha :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: