The dirty play of Murphy

That shot of Murphy on top of an opposing player is a mirror image of that Chick play. Would the CFL please grow some larger walnuts and actually do something about this type of player. I am surprised that the players haven’t sorted this player out on their own since the league seems impotent.

might as well add gratuitous face masking to Murphy's philia list.

The problem is that with the ridiculously lenient suspension appeal policy there is no accountability in the game. Hits like the one Barrenechea threw on Glenn, Murphy's whole career and others can't really be punished. There are no reasons for him not to be a dirty player.

Well, the league did introduce a new policy to protect players. I’d say Murphy’s choke hold goes against the policy. If he appeals, which wouldn’t surprise me, the arbitrator wouldn’t be able to look at precedent because of this new policy. So it should be harder to appeal.

I agree Chief. I'm just saying in the past there was no need for players to be accountable. Most players were on there own and didnt want to hurt others playing the game but Murphy has always been over the line. Hopefully, like you say, this new policy will make the players have some accountability for there actions.

Plays like the one seen tonight are why the new policy NEEDS to be in place to protect the athletes.
Suspension and heavy fines need to be deterrents to this type of action on the field of play.

There was a very real possibility that Goss' career could have ended on that play. More over he could have been in wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The officials on the field handled the resulting fight (BC 56 and Edmonton 94) and disqualification (Edmonton 28) properly, but unfortunately the root cause of the whole incident was missed. If the officials would have seen that I am sure that Murphy would have been ejected for intent to injure.

Player safety must take a higher priority with the league so it can better itself.

I'd be very surprised if we didn't hear in the next couple days that the league is looking into the play.

Murphy should have been suspended last year. He should be suspended this week. Murphy embarrasses the Lions. He embarrasses the CFL.

Well, I have to agree that what Murphy did to Goss tonight was totally uncalled for. When he did it to Chick, that was a different story.

How so. I don't remember the pre-amble. All I remember is Chick on his back with Murphy over him with his hands on Chick's throat and Chick looked like he was egging Murphy on so that Murphy might take a bad penalty. That is my green memory. What is your recollection?

I think that something was happening away from the play that provoked it but I don't remember all that well how it all started to be honest.

I was at tonights game and from my seat all I could see was a big pile so I'll look for video before commenting on Murphy. As for last year vs Chick, didnt this go back and forth and there was no clear shot showing Murphy "choking" Chick? There was some that said it was a choke, some said he had his gear etc etc. It didnt look like a choke to me but people like to see what they want to all the rider fans who cried about Marsh and his "obvious, clear, blatant or whatever" face mask and it come out from higgins, who had angles that clearly showed no face mask. You people who just call stuff as fact when its cloudy are fools and need to pipe down about it. Talk about what is real, not what you want to be real.

That said, if Murphy did something suspension worthy he should get a suspension, like I said I didnt have a good view and havent seen footage yet :slight_smile: . He didnt deserve a suspension last year just because some haters wanted so desperately to believe he was choking the guy. Give that crap a rest.

We couldn't see what was was at the other end of the field and we were underneath the screen. Went on for ages...took forever to sort out.

So what, exactly, did happen?

From what I saw, and others can feel free to add in, Murphy tackled Goss, but after he tackled him, he decided to stay on top of him and roll around on him and pin him to the ground. You could see his arms were up around Goss’s neck. It also looked like he was grabbing his facemask. Schultz even said at halftime that he could have seriously injured him, even broken his neck.

I believe it was Romero who came in and pushed Murphy off of Goss. This started a bit of a scrum. Shabazz ran in to help Romero. I believe he jumped on top of the scrum. #26 ran in and tried to block the scrum from stepping on Goss because he was still on the ground kicking his legs. #26 waved over the medical staff.

The scrum was evenually sorted out, and I guess Shabazz took off his helmet (I didn’t see that). He was disqualified for jumping into the scrum, and we got knocked back another 10 for him removing his helmet.

Goss eventually got up and was carted to the lockerrooms. Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt too bad as he returned to the game.

Everyone on the TSN halftime panel pretty much agreed that Murphy was up to his old antics.

Just watched it on the VOD on TSN's website. It wasn't the best of quality on the VOD but you could see Murphy was holding Goss down and looked to have his arms in his face or neck area. I think the teams should take note that retaliation is going to hurt you, Edmonton went from having the ball on the BC 1 to the 35 because of it.

I think if anything qualifies under the new rules put in this would be one of those.

As per a choke on Chick and this Edmonton player, I wouldn't pretend to say that Murphy was actually choking these people, just that he had them on the ground, on their back, in a classic choke hold position.

It always seems like Rob Murphy and Jason Jimenez are at the centre of these "incidents". Many fans have blogged - both here and elsewhere - that Murphy and Jimenez are the dirtiest players in the league, and it seems to be playing out that way. If this type of player is allowed to go continually unchecked, someone is going to get maimed. And it won't just be the offending player who bears the guilt & shame, Wally Buono will wear it as well.

Buono and the BC Lions have no class for accepting and even DEFENDING these guys!!

Roughing up a DB...Can't get much lower.

It looked like Murphy did the whole lay on top of the guy until the play is completely finished thing like he did last year. Obviously with his weight compared to the DB, it was not a nice thing to do. I think the DB got hurt when the Eskimos all jumped on top of them both. The piling on caused the injury. And for him to play in the second half makes you wonder what his injury actually was? I'm sure he was hurt but it couldnt have been too serious if he could run around 15 mins later. Maybe he was out of breath after the pileup.

The Eskimos didn't pile on top of Goss and Murphy. Romero pushed Murphy off of Goss, and that's when the scrum started.