The dirt may be hitting the AFL's lid soon (


"The Arena Football League is on the brink of folding and declaring bankruptcy, an inglorious end for the 22-year-old indoor league that has suffered through a year of turmoil.

James Guidry, the regional director of the AFL players association, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that it “seems to be inevitable at this point” that the AFL will soon announce that it has ceased operations. Guidry, speaking by telephone, said the players’ association will accept the owner’s decision.

The AFL suspended play for the 2009 season, but some owners expressed hope that the league would return in some form in 2010.

David Baker abruptly resigned as league commissioner two days before the 2008 ArenaBowl championship game. Owners did not look for a replacement."

Turn out the nights, the party’s over…I love Willie – sing it! LOL

Seriously, it’s too bad that players may no longer have the AFL as a developmental option to stay in football. Hopefully another indoor league or other outdoor options will pick up the slack (e.g. the UFL, the “XXFL”, “USWLAF”, or…wait…alphabet soup is slowing down…). It does bode well for the CFL re talent acquisition in the short and medium term, I think.

Oski Wee Wee,

Any good players that played in the AFL are already on CFL rosters since the AFL hasn't played a down in over a year. But there are still 50+ arena/indoor football teams in a half dozen or so leagues.

Players only get paid a couple hundred per game, so any AF2/IFL/etc. player would jump at the opportunity to make CFL money and get CFL exposure. Michael Bishop, for example

Indeed. The issue for the smaller arena leagues is which one may emerge as the AFL's eventual successor. Indoor football does fill a programming void for sports networks in the States.

Oski Wee Wee,

Well, it seems it will soon be official that every pro football league that was supposed to be very bad news for the CFL has come and gone.

It is unfortunate that there may be fewer jobs for players and coaches, etc. but other leagues are scheduled to begin play soon. Here links to the Wikipedia articles on them:

[url=] ... ague_(2009[/url]) [url=] ... ague_(2010[/url]) [url=] ... ron_League[/url] [url=] ... all_League[/url]

But after viewing those Wikipedia articles, I have to wonder how successful these leagues will be. The UFL (and its four teams) was already covered in another thread. The AAFL and UNGL have already had difficulty getting off the ground. And the New USFL? Really? Naming a league after the USFL? Was “new XFL” one of the rejected names for that league? :slight_smile:

I tried VERY hard to get into the AFL but I couldn’t do it. It’s a gimic sport… NOT real football. Sure… a few guys got lucky and had decent careers after being banished to the Arena league… but how many former AFL’ers are now flipping burgers?

I want to see a new league emerge… but none of the proposed leagues look very healthy.

Example… The UFL is the closest new league to actually being able to play a game… but check out their official site!!! It looks cheap and unprofessional. In today’s day and age you’ve gotta hit the marketing and hit it hard… poor job boys!

BUT… the league will be the end of the CFL (lmao).

I didn’t realize there were so many new leagues waiting in the wings.

Michael Bishop will sure have his work cut out for him as he continues his lifelong quest to play for Every Football League Known to Man.

NFL Europa

.... we outlived another!