The difference...

Here's the difference between last year and this....

  1. Better alround receivers. I used to watch with envy the good teams receivers making those circus catches while we dropped the "in the bread basket" passes. On Friday night our guys were making those circus catches!
  2. If you don't perform for a couple of games this year, no matter who you are , your gone! Last year we tolerated complacency.
  3. We have really good Canadian talent in almost all areas giving us greater flexability to move American players around.
  4. We have great depth in all positions. If anyone gets injured we have another good player that can step in and help.
  5. We have coaches that can make good game adjustmemts. I used to hate watching our teams getting out coached, especially in the second half.
  6. We finally have a good scouting system in place which is constantly looking for talent and delivering.
  7. This is a very young team who as the players mature will only get better.
    This is how you buid a great team.

Excellent post, Monty. I couldn't agree more. None of us seem to be able to get excited over last year's team when they did win. Underachievers, overpaid, coaches could not coach. This year is exciting, our expectations are lower and we are so excited to witness this team grow.

good post!
that's is why i've been sticking by this team from the start. it's a different approach than previous years ,the coaching is competent/experienced. and the chemistry of this team is a work in progress that i'm confident will continue to improve.absolutely right the adjustments the coaching staffs lacked recently was a glaring problem.