The difference in the game

What was the single most deciding factor for the outcome of the game?

I’d say it was the dropped balls by Hamilton. Montreal dropped next to none, while ours killed alot of oppurtunities.

Secondarily the penalties killed us.

Thirdly, the first TD on Montreal’s first drive in whihc Watkins was not covered by anone right off the line of scrimmage.

All of the above are mistakers by the Cats, and all are correctable.

Montreal didn’t beat us, we beat ousrselves.

i'd say the penalties and the dropped balls

but i did see an improvement in the receiving

but not in the penalties

Dropped balls by both the offense and defense. There were two passes the defense should have picked, and both were on Montreal's side of the field. Those would have been huge.

The dumb penalties have to go, and should be correct. I kind of feel like some penalties are being created because some guys are trying a little too hard. Some of these will go away once things settle down, and the team gets a little more confidence in their abilities.


Hit the nail on the head. Dropped passes and costly penalties. The offside that cost us a fumble recovery was very dissappointing.