The Difference Between HOckey and Football

A tale of two sports.

Anthony CAvillo got hammered last night with his head down.
A viscous hit but within the within the rules of the game.
There was no whining from the Als about the hit.
There were no calls for 20 game suspensions for the hittee.

Then you watch the Leafs Sabres last night.
Phaeuf gets a penalty for hitting a guy with a clean body check.
Because the guy wasn't looking.
There's talk Phaneuf might face a suspension for the hit.

I don't know about you, but give me football now any day of the week over hockey.
Seems like in hockey they're penalzing one player for being stronger then another.
Luckily the CFL lets men be men.
And only the strong survive.

I agree with that. Nice to see Trestman come out and say it was a clean hit and move on. Good on the alouettes for not whining and making a huge deal about it. The NHL is starting to get bastardized for no reason. The NHL just needs to get tough on hits to the HEAD. Aside from that, let the boys play.

Great post benji. :thup: I've played hockey much of my life and I don't get what is going on in hockey right now and I'm not sure the sport will ever really know what the role contact and hitting is in the sport.

It's a confusing sport for me to watch and as I say, I've played it most of my life at a fairly competetive level, 5 years of high school hockey was as far as I got.

A good hit means vigilantism, really WTF? :? Or with Bertuzzi from behind, if you don't want to fight then I will pummel you to the ice from behind and try and break your neck. Don't get it.

Yes, just outlaw hits to the head as you say geroy, but the NHL will probably not figure that one out. It's not football NHL, it's hockey, you don't need to have full contact as the essence of the sport like football and even in football you can't spear with your head or do big head slap tackles.

I don't like the way hockey is going.
Getting tired of the diving and acting and cheap penalites.
Its still a mans game. At least it was.
You can't penalize a player for being stronger then the opposing player.
Calvillo got nailed last night.
Phaneuf hit a guy cleanly shoulder first.
Yet they're calling for a suspension to Phaneuf?
Because he proved he was a superior player to the guy he knocked down?
I just don't get where hockey is going.
Thank god we still have the CFL!

are you saying that just because he knocked another player down that he is a superior player? are you really saying that??

yeah, I've always thought Brooks Orpik is better than Ovechkin and Stamkos, too..

by the way. if the hit on AC had made contact with his head, there would probably be plenty of upset people, shoulder first or not. I don't have a problem with Phaneuf's hit. but he did make contact with his head so obviously there will be some biased Sabres / anti-Leafs fans calling for a suspension, that's how fans are.

the NHL IS just outlawing hits to the head. Realistically, Phaneuf isn't going to face a suspension just because some fans say so. Hit him shoulder first and you're fine (except of course for all the dumb teammates of the other guy that are going to try to fight you cause you gave a clean hit and their poor teammate apparently can't handle that). so why did he get a penalty? because it looked like he hit him in the head in real time. when they're handing out suspensions replay is available to watch.. when they're handing out penalties it isn't.

Anything not to the head is okay

So a knee on knee is fine?

Its really very simple. They are taking headshots out of the game. NHL is just sending a message.

If I can overpower you I am a superior player.
If Phaneuf can knock down Crosby he is superior.
But he can't.
Becuse Crosby is a strong player.
If you watched hockey you'd know that.

lol, who are you to be questioning anyone's hockey knowledge after a statement like that?

brooks orpik for MVP

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andrei kostitsyn clearly owns Chara

this was the start of a grea thread. then it became a hissy fit session. another great thread ruined.

well then, according to you, Gretsky totally sucked since he couldnt knock anybody over. :roll:

Talking about Gretzky here's the difference.

The Gretzky of football, say Tom Brady as an example, gets a totally clean hit, it's fine, the football world is fine with it and no retaliiation in a scumbag way.

In hockey, on the other hand, a totally clean hit to The Great One, then you get cheap shot hits and stupid low class fights etc.

Give me football any day thanks, it knows what it is, hockey doesn't have a clue except it's low class from what I can see. It has to allow guys who fight to stay in the game because it's, well, low class, what can I say. It is what it is.

He had drpped the ball... there was no reason to hit him that hard... Im sorry...but science has proved that the days of ...HE GOT JACKED UP.......AND ROCK HIM SOCK HIM....... are all but over....
In the future boxing will alter its rules to where if I guy gets knocked down... that the fight will be over.... and soccer may even ban heading the ball...
Sorry to tell you this...but concussions are just that devestating

What is the future of contact sports then?
Because frankly hockey and football without hitting would not last .

Contact sports will last. You can't completely eliminate concussions or any kind of injury, but you can ban the type of plays that frequently lead to concussions. That's what the NHL and football leagues are trying to do.

Ones like boxing.. those might not last as honestly.. the end goal is practically to inflict a minor concussion.

I think if the old gladiator "sports" came back, where you fought until someone died, that this would be quite popular I bet. Seriously.

Football has always had good, multiple refs and over the years has work diligently to codify just about every aspect of the game and how/when it's ok to hit another player.

Hockey sadly, due to the rules changes since Bettman came on board, as well as much faster players are now, has suffered as a result. There is a different attitude between the sports in hitting and roughing the other guy up.

In football, you play with intensity and no matter who is at the other end, you're looking to hit him and bring him down to the turf as hard as you can. It's not a personal matter though, and you'd expect the same thing from everyone on the other team. That and if a player does something seedy an unsportsmanlike, it's often very clear cut, the refs catch it and the result is penalities and ejections and an understanding that honest mistakes happen.

In hockey, you have goons whose job is to actively either headhunt good players or deal out revenge hits/fights for players who headhunt their players. Goons like Matt Cooke and Dan Carcillo, nevermind the fact that fighting is codified to not result in immediate ejection from the game. There is so much personal hatred and players dropping gloves and engaging in grudge matches that sportsmanship is going out the window. You also have incredibly fast players, leveling guys into the boards, which also don't exsist in football.

What is the league's response to all of the injuries and issues with the speed and dangers of the game. "Oh..well we'll review each case on a case by case basis instead of making a blanket rule, we don't think we need to possibly add another ref posistion, maybe on the sidelines who can catch what the on ice refs might miss, not institute no-touch icing because people love to watch players chase the puck and mangle themselves doing so. We need to keep it violent if we are going to win the south."

Instead of improving the game and taking a queue from Olympic sized ice that would open the game up to accomadate today's faster player, penalizing fighting with an immediate ejection, putting in no-touch icing and instituting a blanket rule of "Blindside headshots result in an immedate 5 game + suspension plus a fine for both the player and organization" then try to dance around the issue and pay as much lip service hoping that the problem with eventually go away.

Last season Don Cherry held up the differences in shoulder pads between now and then ... the old kind is Padding, the new kind is Armour. Get rid of the armour, go back to padding and there will be less hitting in general was his point.