The difference between a Fan and a Nuthugger


  • Buys into the hype machine hook line and sinker. Never questions trades, FA signings and inability to resign players. Even when a terrible trade is made, they praise the team for a job well done.
  • Believes that his teams stadium and city is far superior than that of the competition despite how run-down both the stadium and city may be.
  • Does not view his team with any objectivity. Believes that his team is so supreme that they don’t have to prove themselves on the field against the best competition. Will never admit that another team might have the ability to beat his team.
  • Looks for excuses and tries to lay blame on the refs after a loss, despite their teams poor play.
  • Lacks the intelligence, or football knowledge to debate their opinions with any civility or class. Resorts to name calling and insults after he gets repeatedly embarrassed for his stupidity or for often misquoting stats, records, etc.
  • In other words, a nuthugger is a sheep and a bandwagon jumper that lets hype and marketing do his thinking for him.

A Fan

  • A fan understands that everyone is beatable, but roots for his team not because they always wins or lose, but because they are cheering for their home team.
  • A fan doesn't stop being a fan just because their team loses a game and remains a fan through thick and thin.
  • A fan doesn't buy into all the hype and will question player and team actions, trades, signings or decisions about the stadium.
  • A fan can be objective about his team’s performance and admit when they lost to a better team.
  • In other words a fan loyally routes for a team and wants to see them win, yet can be critical of the decisions made by the team.

so which posters are you thinking about when you say nuthuggers :twisted:

There's a bunch. The extreme example would be the ones who actually praised Tillman for trading Ray to Toronto saying that he's washed up, his arm isn't the same, Jyles is the future, ect, ect.

fairweather fans and real fans.

yeah, but look at edmonton now. They have a qb with the potential to be better than ray ever was. :wink:

lol...indeed. I assume you are making a jab, because it is potential at this point, and not grabby magoo's move.

While I understood the logic of ET's QB move, I didn't agree with it. Jyles was high risk...he looked pretty good the year before, and the mission was to surround him with talent...biggest issue was he did not have the O put together well enough...o-line, game plan, WRs. I do believe he was rather hoping to pick up Andy Fantuz, which was why he dumped cap in Ray.