The Diesel is back???

Fresh out of retirement, Sean Millington is playing his 1st game TONIGHT on TSN…with who you ask, Toronto :oops: , what happen to the talks with BC??

We don't really need him. Warren and Green are a good tandem. No need to give up youth for Millington....Even though I really liked him when he played before.

Buono didn't want to mess up the chemistry the Lions have now by bringing in Millington. Buono is probably concerned it might upset some players and the players may react negatively.

Wally is like that. Notice how the troublemakers quietly leave town?

Not that I'm saying that Millington is a trouble maker, but Buono is very much a coach that beleives in team chemistry

Sometimes you may not agree with Buono's decisions but he seems to do what is best for his teams and not for himself.

I'm glad the Leos didn't resign the Diesel!! I loved Millington when he played for the Leos in his second stint....he was especially exciting to watch when he caught the fullback screen and started rumbling downfield.

However, he's 37 years old, its almost mid-season, and the Leos are not only playing for this year but also preparing for the future. I might have thought it was an ok idea for one year if Millington would have announced his intention prior to training camp.

I think Wally sent out the right message to his players with the decision not to resign Millington. Team chemistry is excellent right now....there was more to lose than to gain with a decision to sign Millington at this date.

You have a decent tandem in Warren and Green, no really need for Millington.

Besides once the labour dispute is over, I figure he'll be back in the booth.